From R&D to Production Introducing the INTEGRA P 450

With the combination of powerful, easier-to-use software and direct feedback from the manufacturing community using AM as a production tool, EOS North America developed the INTEGRA® P 450®, a mid-size SLS industrial 3D printer. Built to meet the demand for additive manufacturing of polymers, it empowers designers, production engineers and material makers alike.

Discover how the INTEGRA P 450 is truly the most flexible and accommodating SLS industrial 3D printer on the market, with an impressive array of new user-friendly features that offer unprecedented productivity, material compatibility, and simple serviceability.


Key Takeaways

  • Learn about EOS's newly designed open software platform and additional features
  • Understand INTEGRA P 450's material compatibilities and development opportunities
  • Learn about Industry 4.0 and automated workflows
  • Discover how to bridge the gap from prototyping to serial production

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Speakers: Fabian Krauss, Mohit Chaudhary & Mike Conner | EOS North America

Fabian Krauss serves as the Global Business Development Manager of Polymers for EOS North America, where he is responsible for strategic market development and providing comprehensive digital manufacturing solutions to customers in the plastics market. By working closely with customers to understand their needs and pain points, he can combine CAD, materials, systems, and post-processing solutions to solve customer problems and create value using 3D printing.

Krauss has an industrial engineering background and possesses more than seven years of experience in additive manufacturing. He joined EOS in 2012, where he originally worked out of the company's corporate headquarters in Munich, Germany, before relocating to Austin, Texas. Throughout his time with EOS, he has been instrumental in the development of in-process monitoring solutions, the creation of the EOS M400, and the transition of additive manufacturing from R&D to serial production for several clients - including those in the aerospace, automotive, and beauty industries.

Fabian earned an industrial engineering degree from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden.

Mohit Chaudhary is an Additive Manufacturing Specialist of Polymers for EOS North America, where he is responsible for developing solutions that utilize various resources, both internal and external, to offer a comprehensive package to empower production for our customers. Along with supporting solution engineering, he aids in sales enablement, customer support, and technical consultation.

Mohit has a background in product development for various industries and applications. His experience working in a fabrication lab has been valuable to integrate various facets into one flow. He entered the additive manufacturing arena via his philanthropic interests to develop low-cost prosthetic/orthotic solutions for developing countries. Mohit joined EOS in 2017 as a field service engineer, dedicating time to appreciate the nuances of the hardware and software. Since then he has transitioned into the Additive Minds team to support with process development for new materials, technical support, and project development.

Mohit has a biomedical engineering degree from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Mike Conner, Vice President of Service and Support at EOS North America, oversees all aspects of service and applications support to enhance the EOS customer experience. In his role, Mike is responsible for ensuring EOS is able to efficiently partner with customers to create customized system, material, and process solutions and quickly bring new manufacturing applications to market.

Since joining EOS four years ago, Mike has worked with a small team of engineers to develop a highly serviceable, accurate and repeatable mid temperature laser sintering system, the Integra P 400. He also spearheaded a field service initiative that resulted in reduced response time, increased uptime and increased level of expertise provided to EOS customers.

Prior to EOS, Mike worked in the service and support department of 3D printing companies DTM and 3D Systems. Leveraging his industry expertise, he went on to help start a third-party service company, Integra Services International that later integrated with EOS. Following the expansion of EOS' service capacity in North America through their Integra partnership, Mike assumed his current role at EOS.

As an active participant in the additive manufacturing industry since the early 90's, Mike stays up to date on the latest advancements in the industry and talking with those interested in learning more about AM.