From Prototype to Production What to Look for in a Production-Ready Metal 3D Printer

Many businesses begin their exploration of industrial 3D printing – also known as additive manufacturing (AM) – with modest machines used for rapid prototyping and R&D projects. However, using AM for serial production applications is one of the fastest-growing trends in the industry. There are many important things to consider when making the jump from prototyping to production with AM, and they begin with the features you’ll need to look for in a production-ready 3D printer.


In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • The rapid growth of using metal 3D printers for full-scale production.
  • Why AM is a perfect fit for some – but not all – production applications.
  • The most important traits to look for in a modern production-ready metal 3D printer.
  • Emerging features that will push productivity, reliability, and repeatability to new heights. 

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The Experts: Sebastian Becker, EOS & Christoph Erhardt, Protolabs

Sebastian Becker | Product Line Manager

Sebastian Becker in his role as Product Line Manager is responsible for the EOS M 300-4, the newest member in the EOS Metal Systems portfolio.  During his studies of Industrial Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Jena, Germany, he gained a strong interest in diode-laser technologies and pursued this interest the following 7 years as product manager for surface treatment with advanced laser optics. Since 2018 he is focusing on the development of the new EOS M 300 and the metal portfolio of EOS.

Christoph Erhardt | Head of 3D Printing 

Christoph Erhardt is Head of 3D Printing & Quality Management for Metal 3D Printing at Protolabs. Meanwhile, Christoph has 11 years of experience in DMLS, and qualified further in the field of quality management with a focus on ISO 13485 in medical technology.