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Comprehensive Learning Programs from Additive Minds Academy

November 30, 2020 | Reading time: 2 min

Real and virtual learning worlds will be the cornerstone of the additive manufacturing industry. Additive Minds Academy bundles all competencies relating to training, learning and knowledge sharing. 


The learning journey has started

This past April, EOS launched the Additive Minds Academy, which bundles all competencies relating to training, learning and knowledge for our employees, customers, and partners. Our aim is to create real and virtual learning worlds that will be the cornerstone of the additive manufacturing industry.

Corona accelerated online training needs

It has been a rocky start for my team and me during the Corona lock-down in spring. However, this also helped speed up digital training needs all over the world and it shaped our digital mindset. In April, we offered the first high end e-learning package for customers and employees in their home-office in English and Mandarin. Since then, over 700 learners enrolled for a learning package with us. To meet the high demand, the digitalization of learning contents is a priority for us.

We want to offer 80% of digital and 20 % of classroom training. Mobile, digital, personalized, and self-directed learning will accelerate the skill development of EOS employees, our customers and partners, and the industry.


Learning will become as natural as breathing

At the same time, we are already working on the trends, which will determine the future of learning. Here, we are looking e.g. at personalized intelligent learning management systems, adaptive learning, snack learning and learning with augmented and virtual reality.

I believe that in the future learning will become as omnipresent and natural for us as breathing. Increasingly intelligent systems and wearable sensors will help us to identify our learning needs. In ten years, we will no longer have to worry about what we need to learn, but we will receive personalized learning offers via various communication channels just in time.


Comprehensive training programs

Within less than six months, we have designed a comprehensive educational program. With our learning paths, you can train powerful teams with all the skills needed in additive manufacturing. The knowledge we offer ranges from a basic understanding of the technology, through the selection of components for AM production, design and AM-compliant construction, to production scaling and validation. 

Our blended learning approach means that you decide when and where you want to learn. Each learning path consists of e-Learnings, self-study, trainer feedback, and practical experience. Our virtual trainings and educational programs of the Additive Minds Academy are now available in the new EOS Store.

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Discover the Additive Minds Academy

With more than 30 years in 3D printing, our Additive Minds Academy offers courses to enhance any level of experience. Whatever your current knowledge, we can help you develop your additive manufacturing (AM) understanding and skills to become an AM expert.