Solving the Challenges of Custom Design

trinckle & Kuhn-Stoff  | Success Story

Advantages of CAD/CAM 3D Printing Software

  • Design time reduced from over 8 hours to just 10 minutes
  • Perfect, application-specific mechanical fit
  • Eliminate the need for CAD expertise

Customized Products Generate Considerable Competitive Advantages

trinckle and Kuhn-Stoff took the example of gripper systems and partnered together to solve the problem of automating efficient development and design processes while also eliminating the need for specific 3D design or CAD knowledge.

The solution is a web-based application that enables individualized product models to be automatically generated. The automation and robotics industry is just one of many possible applications. Other examples include patient-specific prosthetics and personalized jewelry. 

With trinckle’s software platform, paramate, users can now quickly develop configurators for specific applications without needing CAD expertise themselves.

This significantly reduces the overall production time. These time savings naturally translate to savings in design costs. But beyond just savings, automating the design process removes barriers from the production process entirely. 


"In industrial contexts we see an enormous potential for individualized solutions to create perfectly customized products, to develop the ability to integrate clients more deeply into the development and design process, and to design cost-efficient automated processes. Additive manufacturing offers all of these possibilities - at trinckle, we want to make them usable for businesses."
Dr. Ole Bröker | Head of Business Development | trinckle

A man comparing two grippers from trinckle & Kuhn-Stoff| © EOS

"Without a reliable high-quality 3D printing system for serial production, the full potential of customized AM parts cannot be utilized."

Hannes Kuhn | CEO | Kuhn-Stoff

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