Printing the Perfect Dive Light

Canto Ing. GmbH & THOR Offshore Engineering GmbH | Innovation Story

Additive Manufacturing Part Example
Advantages of the 3D Printed Dive Light

→ Functional integration reduced the number of individual components

→ Waterproof plastic PA 2200 withstands extreme stresses

→ Economical production even with small batch sizes

"The bayonet-fitting produced using additive manufacturing is a technical highlight of the Thor Rev 2.0. We have optimized the component dimensions, the weight and the stability, as well as the functional integration – all in a single component. The reliability and precision that this has brought has led to the use of the Thor Rev 2.0 by special units of the police and military in Europe. Thanks to EOS technology, savings were made on injection-molding tool costs in the region of 35,000 Euros and assembly costs of approximately 6.80 Euros per light."

Hagen Tschorn | Managing Director | Canto Ing. GmbH and THOR offshore engineering GmbH

Additive Manufacturing Technology
for the Perfect Dive Light


The Thor underwater light was designed for technical and professional divers, including those working in the services, for use at depths of up to 200 meters. The locking mechanism for the Thor Rev 2.0 is produced using additive manufacturing. This technology facilitates the production of the internal system – which is snapped into place using springs – as a single, robust, functionally integrated component.

Canto’s solution to meeting the project’s strict material requirements was to use the EOS plastic PA 2200, a material that is both impermeable and extremely durable. It was the first time that this material has been used in such a context. The precise method of construction, the high production quality of the lasersinter system FORMIGA P110 and the fundamentally robust design, all combined to make this lightweight material the ideal solution for the project.

The Thor Rev 2.0 sets a new benchmark for technical divers: Weighing just 580 grams, the light-source is extremely comfortable to handle. The functional integration resulted in a reduction of the number of individual components requiring assembly from three to just one. Furthermore, Canto was saved the expense of producing a costly injection-molding tool, which would have meant additional costs totaling up to 34,800 Euros. Despite the great scope offered by the dive light and its lightweight structure, the quality and durability of the product meet all of the desired specifications. 

Canto has used additive manufacturing technology, not only for the production of this series, but also in its product development.

"EOS has shown us that they support the providers of creative solutions in their search for new fields of application. The company has enabled us to offer our end customers a complete solution: engineering and manufacture."

Hagen Tschorn | Managing Director | Canto Ing. GmbH and THOR offshore engineering GmbH

Systems and Solutions

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Small Footprint: FORMIGA P 110 Velocis

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Bautiele in weißem Kunststoffpulver | © Festo

Polyamide 12

White polyamide 12 powder is also known as nylon. Parts made from PA 12 are robust, stable, chemically resistant and versatile.

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