Promoting Diversity, Growing Opportunities in STEM Fields

March 01, 2021 | Reading time: 2 min

The United States continues to have a talent gap in filling jobs that require science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) degrees. Many secondary and higher education institutions are trying to do their part, building interest with students in STEM careers at an earlier age, and colleges are working to recruit those young minds into their programs. While these efforts are admirable, the challenges for these newly minted STEM students many times can extend beyond classrooms and into communities and families in ways not everyone experiences equally.

Our donation to Henry Ford College (HFC) seeks to serve as an asset for students who need assistance financially or academically. Some of the funds will be expended for immediate needs, while the rest will be placed in an endowment for upcoming years.

Beyond funding, EOS is committed to staying connected with HFC and the students who receive scholarships from our donations by being personally involved in their matriculation and mentorship. We believe that HFC is impacting their lives and shaping an incredible workforce for the future.

We also made a donation to HFC’s emergency fund for students from low-income families, who face unexpected challenges as they try to complete their degrees. HFC supports them by offering to pay for small things like a flat tire or broken laptop to bigger issues like losing a job or suffering a major medical emergency. It’s inspiring to see how HFC truly cares and will lend a hand to help their students graduate.

At EOS, we believe that this partnership with HFC, will help more low-income students from diverse backgrounds graduate and go on to work in a STEM field like additive manufacturing.


It has been a pleasure working with the EOS team to create opportunities that will last a lifetime for our students. Their gift will lighten the load for those who don't need a handout, but a helping hand. I look forward to working with EOS on future student success projects.

Shai James-Boyd, Assistant Director of Advancement and Government Relations, Henry Ford College


EOS is committed to help facilitate positive changes, and minimize the barriers faced by underserved populations, including black, indigenous, and students of color enrolled in STEM degree programs. Our partnership with HFC is not an isolated investment, EOS is now similarly collaborating with other higher education institutions, and we are committed to doing what we can to close the talent gap, and nurture new talent pools that need a greater commitment to get to the starting line of their career.

Industrial 3D printing is a technology-forward industry that uses cutting-edge processes and materials, and diversity helps breathe new ideas and perspectives to assist in pushing the industry forward -  Diversity in ideas, diversity in where we get those ideas, and diversity in our human capital. Additive Manufacturing grows exponentially when the work, ideas, and decisions are provided by people of all colors, genders, and backgrounds.

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