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June 08, 2021 | Reading time: 1 min

EOS believes open software interfaces have a strong impact on the adoption of additive manufacturing (AM) in general and the industrialization in specific. We created the EOS Developer Network (EDN) to support the AM software community to build seamlessly integrated software products.


Streamlined for our Software Development Partners - Speed Up Integration Projects

Our partner program EDN enables additive independent software vendors and high-end system users to build their own software applications from EOS application programming interfaces (APIs.) The network streamlines software developer needs when integrating EOS APIs, manufacturing execution system (MES), computer-aided design (CAD), product lifecycle management (PLM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and computer-aided quality (CAQ). It includes services and tools to build a digital thread from data preparation, machine management, process data acquisition, reporting and accelerating integration projects.  

The EDN also provides access to extensive API documentation, code samples, dedicated support by our solution experts and access to virtual EOS systems for testing and integration validation. The virtual test systems are updated at least once a year, so developers can keep their software updated and compatible with the newest EOS software. The test systems include virtual versions of the EOS M 290, EOS M 300-4, EOS M 400-4 and EOS P 500.

Key success factors of a scalable digital production are the ease of integration and a single source of truth for production and quality data. EOS’ open APIs allow our customers to optimize their production real time and to make sound decisions based on what is happening in the factory.

A major evolution of the EOS Developer Network is the recently launched EDN Portal, a web-based service designed to bring virtual systems to the cloud. This new technology will create a greater connection to EOS APIs and test software.

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