EOS Customer Success Stories

Explore three decades of pioneering 3D printing excellence with EOS


Automotive & Transportation

3D printed door hinge of a car | © Spartacus 3D

Metal 3D Printing with Titanium

Success Story | Spartacus3D

Additive manufacturing gave complete creative freedom to the DS design team, as well as very fast and easy implementation and production. 

3D printed spare parts of busses | © EOS

Additive Manufacturing Is a Core Element of Sustainable Spare Parts Management

Success Story | EvoBus GmbH

Comprehensive consulting to help efficiently enter the world of additive manufacturing and establish a sustainable spare parts management system

3D Printed Cooling System for Race Car

Success Story | DHBW Engineering Stuttgart

Additive manufacturing systems EOS P 396 produces race car component with 3D printing technology and lightweight fine polyamide PA 2200.

GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart race car | © GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart

Additive Manufacturing for the Formula Student

Success Story | GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart

Design of a flow optimized, oil resistant and flameproof distribution unit for the cooling system of an electric racing car.


Custom-Made Spare Parts for ICE Trains

Success Story | Hasenauer & Hesser

Small-series production with 3D printing: Additive manufacturing of thin-walled fluorescent tube fixtures for the onboard information displays of ICE trains with EOS Systems

3D-gedruckter Wärmetauscher von Conflux | © EOS

3D Printed Heat Exchanger

Success Story | Conflux Technology

Conflux Technology has patented a highly efficient, compact heat exchanger design that derives its performance from a geometry that can only be made using additive manufacturing (AM). 

Conformal Cooling with Additive Manufacturing

Success Story | Innomia

Accelerate production and reduce maintenance: Innomia uses EOS metal 3D printer for optimizing manufacturing process for automotive components.

Rennteam Uni Stuttgart race car | © Rennteam Uni Stuttgart

Producing Topology-Optimized Steering Stub Axle

Success Story | Rennteam Uni Stuttgart

In the construction the student engineers employed for the first time an additive manufacturing (AM) process and the car went on to win the title.



3D printed valve block | © Liebherr

3D Printed Primary Flight Control Hydraulic Component

Success Story | Liebherr

First metal 3D printed primary flight control hydraulic component flies on an Airbus A380. World premiere in civil aviation with EOS technology.

3D printed cable routing mount of an aircraft

Additive Manufacturing for Airbus A350 XWB

Success Story | Sogeti

Experts from Sogethi High Teck succeeded in developing a cable mount on the front spar of the vertical stabilizer for the passenger aircraft in record time with EOS technology and expertise.

MTU Relies on Additive Manufacturing for Its Series Component Production

Success Story | MTU

EOS Technology enables the cost-effective manufacture of engine components for the Airbus A320neo.

3D printed flow measurement probe | © EOS & Vectoflow

3D Printed Flow Measurement Probe

Success Story | Vectoflow GmbH

Extremely rigid and durable: this compact flow measurement probe was made in one piece using industrial 3D printing.

Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

3D Printing of Custom-Made Glasses Frames

Success Story | BRAGi

The Chinese company Nanjing BRAGi Optical Technology Co, Ltd. offers customized eyewear throughout Asia.

Diver under water with dive light | © Thor

Additive Manufacturing Technology for the Perfect Dive Light

Success Story | Canto & Thor

Using additive manufacturing Canto produces a robust dive light with functional integration. A particularly stable and at the same time lighter weight dive light was the result. 

Additive Manufacturing for Eyeware

Success Story | Raytech & Hoet

With 3D printing on additive manufacturing machines Hoet is able to produce eyeglass frames with complex designs and on demand at the same time. This shortens the time-to-market and reduces storage costs.

3D Printed Dog Shower

Success Story | Hansgrohe

Rapid and cost-efficient production of a series production-ready, drinking water-approved shower head for dogs, made from just a few components, offering quality, design, and convenience functions that will impress dogs and their owners alike.



Oilfield Drilling Equipment Manufacturer

Success Story | APS Technology

APS offers a variety of intelligent tools, including steerable drill motors, vibration dampers, modelling and analysis tools, and logging sensors, in addition to its MWD systems.

Polyamide Robotic Hand

Success Story | ASS Maschinenbau

AM offered the best solution because it allowed for the continued use of the customer‘s existing system.

3D printed multi-dimensional circuit carrier | © Beta Layout

Multi-Dimensional Circuit Carriers Using AM

Success Story | Beta LAYOUT

When conventionally stacked, PCBs can no longer accommodate all of the necessary components, so that the three-dimensional circuit carriers become the solution of choice.

Solving the Challenges of Custom Design

Success Story | trinckle & Kuhn-Stoff

Based on the example of gripper systems, they partnered together to solve the problem of automating efficient development and design processes while also eliminating the need for specific 3D design or CAD knowledge.

AM for Extraction Grippers

Success Story | SSI Schäfer

Manufacturing of individual special grippers with integrated air ducts for product extraction from injection molding machines in the production cycle.

3D Printed Micro-Burner

3D Printed Micro-Burners

Success Story | Euro-K GmbH

Develop and build a multi-fuel burner capable of using gaseous and liquid fuels with additive manufacturing on the EOS M 290.

Solutions for a More Economic Small Batch Production

Success Story | Festo AG

Fast and economic small batch production of complex components using a FORMIGA P 100 supplied by EOS. Production of a bionic gripper that can reliably pick up and safely put down objects gently and flexibly.

3D Printed End-of-Arm for Smarter Packaging

Success Story | Anubis 3D

An innovative, industrial, 3D printed end-of-arm enables Langen Group to lighten the load on their customer’s robotic packaging line.

Bronchial Gripper With Functional Base Plate

Success Story | Wittmann Group & KuhnStoff

Tangible success: Build a lightweight grip system with integrated functionality capable of moving the required loads over a minimum of 5 million operating cycles

EOS 3D Printing Applications Siemens Turbine Blade

3D Printing for High Performance Industrial Gas Turbines

Success Story | Siemens

Innovation for maintenance of high performance industrial gas turbines. Siemens industrial turbomachinery counts on EOS 3D printing technology and customized services.

3D printed pulp mold and packaging | © EOS

3D Printed Tools for Molded Fiber Production

Success Story | Payr Engineering

Thanks to additive manufacturing, an innovative drainage structure was developed that now combines the original functions of the statically stable mold and the regularly distributed drainage over the entire mold in one part.



Bespoke Medical Devices for Craniomaxillofacial Surgery

Success Story | OMX Solution

Custom medical implants that are both efficient and cost-effective for the patient. Additively manufactured bespoke OsseoFrame are an accurate solution for dental prosthetic rehabilitation.

EOS Technology Speeds Prototyping at DePuy Spine

Success Story | DePuy Spine

Speedy and flexible manufacturing of complex surgical tool prototypes using an EOSINT M 270.

3D printed spinal surgery parts  | © EOS & Anatomics

Save Time and Improve Outcome of Spinal Fusion Surgery

Success Story | Anatomics

Anatomics’ SpineBox™ method of pre-planning surgery and of manufacturing customized devices has the potential to realize significant time and cost benefits for the healthcare system. 

3d printed medical application polymer

Developing Biocompatible Material for Additively Manufactured Medical Implants

Success Story | University of Michigan

The University of Michigan uses a FORMIGA P 100 to produce individualized and lifesaving implants for children. Together with EOS they develop new biocompatible materials. 

3d printed skull application

Optimized Medical Products with 3D printing

Success Story | Alphaform

Development and manufacture of precision-fit implant for the cranial area with particular permeability for liquids and hear dissipation. 

Stereotactic Platforms for Neurosurgery

Success Story | FHC

Small-batch production of precision surgical components using a FORMIGA P 100.

Collaboration for Mass Production of Certified 3D-Printed Nasal Swabs

Success Story | AENIUM & Burloak

Develop certified medical devices and ramp up mass production in North America and Europe (COVID-19).

Additively Manufactured Nasal Swabs

Success Story | 3D Printing Studios

The Australian company was the first supplier in the country of these essential medical devices.



Satellitenhalterung von RUAG

Additive Manufacturing of Satellite Parts

Success Story | RUAG

Antenna bracket for RUAG's Sentinel satellite - certified for deployment in outer space.

3D-Druck Luft- und Raumfahrt Airbus Defence Space Satellite

Parts for Satellites

Success Story | Airbus Defence and Space

Cost-effective production of retraining brackets for the connection of components in telecommunication satelites thanks to additive manufacutring. 

3d printed metal part for space industry

3D Printing for Ariane 6 Propulsion Module Simplified

Success Story | ArianeGroup

Thanks to EOS technology, ArianeGroup has succeded in taking this to a whole new level: Insted of 248 elements, the injector head of a rocket engine of a future upper stage propulsion module now conts just one component.