Taming the Beast Pure Copper 3D Printing

EOS has overcome the challenges of using pure copper in AM, firstly with the creation of its new CuCP pure copper material, which has the highest conductivity rating (100% IACS).


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The process improvements address three core challenges


Thermal management – Due to copper’s high thermal conductivity, it is challenging to achieve a balanced heat management during the printing process. This can lead to overheating in small areas of the part or insufficient melting of larger part areas. EOS has used its depth of experience with pure copper to adapt how its machines’ physical build space and software work together, preventing both problems. 


Part resolution – 3D Printing copper requires a higher energy input than other materials due to its increased reflectivity and conductivity properties. This means the material melt pool can be more than double that of other materials, such as steel. The new EOS process, understands the different material characteristics, and ensures manufacturers can produce high precision components with pure copper. 


Economic efficiency – EOS’ existing and long-proven laser technology, has made it possible to economically produce components, despite the challenges posed by pure copper. In particular, the large working field of the lasers enables customers to simultaneously produce small or large components in its copper system build spaces, which start at 250x250mm up to a current maximum of 450x450mm.