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    Application Examples From More Than 30 Years of Project Experience

We were once the pioneers of industrial 3D printing. Today, the technology has established itself throughout the industry, but entrepreneurship and innovation still drive our additive manufacturing success. As a global technology leader, we help our customers make their projects happen.

How does additive manufacturing create added value for our customers?
This question drives us.

We draw on knowledge from each of our areas of expertise, from system know-how, material development, and validated processes to establishing business cases from an economic perspective. Our goal is to find the right path for our customers and their production targets together.

We offer far more than just systems and materials for additive manufacturing: with an in-depth understanding of the market and broad expertise with industry-specific development processes, we work in close collaboration with our network of strong partners. From prototypes to series production, EOS offers comprehensive and competent consulting, and accompanies customers throughout the entire development and production process.

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Industrial 3D Printing With EOS for Production and Industry

We offer additive manufacturing experience from a wide variety of industrial environments. Whether you need complex and functionally integrated gripper systems, optimized heat management with 3D printed heat exchangers, tooling cores with integrated and intelligent cooling channels or parts designed to operate in demanding environments such as gas turbines for more than 30 years, we’ve been making a range of exciting projects happen together with our customers. There are new projects every day.

The complex technology of additive manufacturing holds immense potential that will drastically transform the industrial value chain and shape the manufacturing world of the future. Because design freedom, sustainability, rapid product development, and the cost advantages associated with them are setting the pace for the flexible production of today. Find out what benefits our customers have achieved thanks to the EOS portfolio.

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EOS Innovation Stories

Practical Examples & Customer Success Stories
in Production and Industry

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Customer Projects From the Medical Technology and Consumer Goods Sectors “Improve People’s Lives”

Quick delivery of end products, customization and freedom of design in industrial 3D printing by EOS connects technology and people. Across the most diverse areas of the medical technology and consumer goods sectors, we work with our customers to develop production solutions that are both tailored to individuals and designed for efficient and cost-optimized production. In this way, we develop added value at every level; patients benefit from custom medical products, designers benefit from new and independent business models, end customers benefit from perfectly fitting products and manufacturers benefit from an optimized production chain.

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EOS Innovation Stories

Practical Examples & Customer Success Stories
in Health, Sports and Lifestyle

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3D Printing for Mobility & Logistics Parts From Engine Parts to Electromobility

Sustainable energy efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions, customization and the constant demand for innovation: Automotive manufacturers face these great challenges that are constantly growing, but we are helping our customers achieve ambitious production goals, optimize their spare parts management and design innovative vehicles. Across many different projects, automotive manufacturers have successfully taken advantage of EOS solutions to accomplish things that would be impossible with conventional methods. The applications range from custom interiors and safety equipment to engine parts.

EOS 3D printing even offers potential for the motor sports sector. Discover how tool-free production can reduce development and production costs in the demanding environment of motor racing and create the ideal conditions for success on the racetrack thanks to lightweight design and functional integration. 

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EOS Innovation Stories

Application Examples & Customer Success Stories
From the Automotive, Motor Sports, and Spare Parts Management Industries

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3D Printed Parts for Aircraft and Space Flight Lightweight Parts Reduce Fuel Consumption and Material Costs.

Engine and turbine parts are typical examples of the applications of industrial 3D printing, as well as parts for cabin interiors in aircraft. Functional parts with complex geometries and defined aerodynamic properties can be manufactured cost-efficiently in the shortest possible time. Thanks to material and weight savings, the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced. The benefits of additive manufacturing also include manufacturer-specific customization and production in low quantities.
We have made our technology fly in various successful projects with leading aerospace companies. Find out more in our innovation stories.

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EOS Innovation Stories

Application Examples & Customer Success Stories
in the Aerospace Industry

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