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AM Turnkey Program

Where additive manufacturing expertise and speed to market intertwine


AM Turnkey, our premiere North American consulting program, allows our Additive Minds engineers to take the lead on scaling your industrial 3D printing business while preparing your team for common roadblocks through detailed project mapping. 

This gives you the opportunity to leverage the expertise of our experienced consultants while avoiding any potential pitfalls and mistakes, thus saving you time and money. We’ve specifically designed our process so you can shadow-learn alongside the Additive Minds team to apply that knowledge on your own once you’re familiar and comfortable with the additive manufacturing (AM) process.

Key benefits of the EOS Turnkey Consulting Program

Configured by EOS, streamlined for your application

An AM Turnkey project provides a fast, low risk, end-to-end solution for companies looking to adopt the AM technology. The Additive Minds consulting team takes care of the entire process, from project planning to component redesign, training, machine operation, qualification, and project handover with your AM system safely secured in an EOS Pflugerville Technical Facility confidential Turnkey bay.

EOS staff

Additive manufacturing experts by your side at every step

A majority of the Additive Minds consulting team is based in the EOS Pflugerville Technical Facility, which means your system is continuously being monitored, operated, and surrounded by the engineers that know AM Turnkey technology best. We have everything needed to go from start to part in-house, and with AM Turnkey, you have access and assistance with your AM system in real time.

Our team of engineers, material scientists, data scientists, and project managers have specialized in AM for years so they can tackle any custom application you might face. We work closely with your team to understand your industry’s unique demands, allowing our consultants to develop customized solutions helping you to naturally integrate AM into your processes.

You can always rest assured that you’re hearing from the best in the field because our consulting team also conducts research and development to advance the AM field as a whole. We want to push the boundaries of 3D printing in general, which is why EOS collaborates with academic institutions, national labs, federal agencies, and other industry leaders to develop new materials, improve software and hardware, and fine-tune manufacturing processes.

EOS staff

As in-depth as you need

With AM Turnkey, your relationship with the Additive Minds consulting team is truly tailored to your AM goals. From material qualification to application re-design to a manufacturing overhaul, we are your expert hands throughout the process.

“AM Turnkey was created based on customer demand. The organizations we typically work with are market leaders, industry disruptors, and national research labs. These clients are working on high-priority projects that cannot be delayed by engineering hurdles, AM system installations, and internal team training. We believe the best outcomes for our customers are achieved with deep collaboration, and the AM Turnkey program is yet another way to showcase our commitment to bringing customers’ desired production results to fruition.” 

Greg Hayes, Senior Vice President, Applied Technology

EOS System

Is AM Turnkey right for you?

Contact the Additive Minds consulting team and discuss your project goals, requirements, and timeline to determine the best approach for your organization.