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How to become EOS supplier

Requirements for EOS suppliers

Quality, availability, productivity and innovation across the entire supply chain make a valuable contribution to the business success of the EOS GmbH. That is why we select our suppliers very carefully and cross-functionally. We are the world's leading technology provider in industrial 3D printing and our success is based on innovation and flexibility. Our suppliers play a fundamental role in our value chain.


How to become an EOS supplier

Are you one of the best in your industry, are you globally networked, do you identify with our mindset and would you like to help shape the future? Then we look forward to receiving your application. In return, proven suppliers gain access to new areas of business through cooperation with EOS.

The application and qualification of our suppliers is standardized via our contact form. In the first step, you apply with all the necessary information. Based on various criteria such as product or service portfolio, we analyze your company. If your product and your company fit into our purchasing strategy and represent our values, all further steps of the supplier qualification will be passed through. For this our respective colleagues from purchasing will contact you. After successful qualification as an EOS supplier, you will be considered for future tenders.


1. Application: Send us the form below

2. Evaluation by EOS & feedback: If you are pre-selected, we will get in touch with you

3. Qualification process: You go through our qualification process

4. Qualified EOS supplier: You have been qualified as our supplier

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