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The metal-based additive manufacturing technology of DMLS® is the technology of choice for EOS metal additive manufacturing machines for almost three decades, and is now the standard in metal 3D printing. Metal parts produced with DMLS technology achive uniform part quality with properties like those produced by conventional casting or forging processes.

EOS offers industrial 3D printing systems that can be flexibly integrated into existing production environments with a range of different build space sizes, laser power ratings and scalability. From compact 3D printing systems for manufacturing delicate metal components, to powerful mid-size solutions for a broad portfolio of compatible materials and ultra-fast four-laser systems for the production of high-quality series parts, all our metal additive manufacturing platforms deliver exceptional part quality, reliability, productivity, and repeatability.

Key Benefits

Break Free of Manufacturing Limitations with Industrial Metal 3D Printing

Re-imagine what is possible and reconsider your past limitations in manufacturing.  With additive manufacturing, the rules of the game changed, and applications that seemed impossible are now a reality. Leverage our expertise in your AM journey and learn more about:

  • Freedom of Design
    3D printing unleashes completely new design opportunities for application engineers. The possibility to manufacture complex parts with almost no limits enables completely new possibilities.

  • Complex geometries
    Many applications require complex geometries to fulfill their purpose.  However, traditional manufacturing oftentimes sets boundaries that are completely redefined through additive manufacturing. 

  • Maximized productivity
    Scale your productivity through our portfolio of metal solutions that adapt to your needs.  From material and process management to our digital solutions - maximizing productivity and system utilization is your key to success

  • On-demand & customized manufacturing
    Many of our customers rely on additive manufacturing for on-demand production to avoid over production and tooling costs. Spare parts are a typical examples but also customization of parts is a key benefit of additive manufacturing.

the right printer

Identifying the Right EOS System for Your Production Needs 

Our portfolio of industrial 3D printing systems is designed to be flexibly integrated into existing production environments with a range of different build space sizes, laser power ratings, and scalability. Our metal 3D printers range from compact machines designed for manufacturing delicate metal components, to powerful mid-size solutions with a broad portfolio of materials, to ultra-fast four-laser systems for high-quality serial part production.

EOS M 290 Front

EOS M 290 Series

Mid-Size System with a Wide Range of Materials

EOS M 300-4 Front

EOS M 300 Series

DMLS Quality with High Productivity


EOS M 400 Series

Production Platform for Additive Manufacturing of High-Quality Metal Parts

Navigating Materials

Material Selection for Your Metal AM System 

Our extensive portfolio of metal materials is precisely designed for your EOS machine. Our material supply chain is quality controlled from source to delivery, ensuring regulatory compliance, lot traceability, flexible volumes, and fast delivery. All our materials, process parameters, and metal 3D printers are aligned to provide reliable and repeatable part properties exceeding your production goals. 

Our portfolio currently encompasses more than 20 alloys and more than 70 validated processes for all our systems. The portfolio includes aluminium, cobalt chrome, copper, nickel-based alloys, refractory metals, stainless steels, tool steels and titanium alloys. These enable many applications to be additively manufactured with an enhanced application performance. 

What sets EOS metal materials apart ?

  • Quality-controlled material supply chain with regulatory compliance, lot traceability, and flexible volumes with fast delivery
  • Robust, reliable, and repeatable part quality that meets the most demanding industry standards
  • 3D printing materials and process parameters that are optimally aligned, enabling economic production of enhanced parts, reliable and repeatable.
  • Support by our team of experts for material identification of specific part requirements and material development for those exploring new materials or designs for additive manufacturing  

Our Portfolio of Additive Manufacturing Metal Materials  

Explore our wide range of materials available and optimized for your metal 3D printing journey. If you don´t find the right material within our standard portfolio, contact our experts, and we will be happy to explore a customized development for you.


Case Hardening Steels  

Cobalt Chrome 

Copper Component


Nickel Alloys

Stainless Steel


Tool Steel

What it Takes to Successfully Implement Metal 3D Printing into Your Production 
We pride ourselves on offering complete AM solutions: industrial 3D printers equipped with industry-leading technologies, proven processes, consulting services and courses from the award-winning Additive Minds team, and software solutions to oversee multiple aspects of the additive manufacturing process. 

From peripheral products to post-processing, we have the resources and partnerships within the industrial 3D printing ecosystem to set your organization up for success. Explore our software and data management plans available, material automation solutions, tips for machine installation, and more as you prepare to introduce industrial metal 3D printing into your production facility.  
Copper Component
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