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Let’s introduce our vlog! Meet Björn and get a sneak peek of what you can expect in the following episodes. We are eager to make Responsible Manufacturing the new normal with our partners and customers. Also, get to know our CEO Marie Langer. She explains how saving resources can help overcome environmental challenges and why 3D printing is the optimal production technology. Get ready and join us on this exciting journey of exploring Responsible Manufacturing!

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8 | Environmental Benefits of 3D Printing for the Manufacturing Industry

In the current landscape, it can be challenging to determine if a company's environmental efforts are authentic or merely a form of greenwashing. On the latest episode of the BLUEPRTING Vlog, Bjorn Hannappel sits down with Sherri Monroe, the head of the Additive Manufacturing Green Trade Organization (AMGTA), who works with numerous companies dedicated to sustainability. They discuss the necessary requirements for classifying #3Dprinting as a sustainable technology.

7 | Boost Factory Automation with Sustainable 3D Printed Grippers

Groundbreaking applications are no longer confined to mere time and cost savings. The recently developed topology-optimized gripper designed to move battery cells shows that a carbon footprint reduction of more than 90% is now a reality. In this episode,Jens Hübner, Additive Manufacturing Expert at Siemens, explains how performance, productivity, and sustainability go hand in hand. 

6 | Carbon Calculation of 3D Printed Parts

Have you ever wondered how much greenhouse gas your 3D printing production emits? Host of BLUEPRINT Björn Hannappel sat down with Sustainability Manager Lea Stegemann and Consultant Nameer Syed who developed a carbon calculator, that calculates the cost and CO2e emissions of additively manufactured components. Besides bare numbers, the tool indicates the decisive emission contributors and allows users to improve their applications through what-if simulations. In addition, our experts explain why it is essential for manufacturers to have a price tag on emissions caused. Watch the 6th episode and gain transparency into your 3D printed application carbon footprint! 

5 | Responsible Innovations in 3D Printing

In this 5th episode, Björn explores the most secret department in his company - the R&D area. He learns from his colleague Marco what role innovations play in ending the climate crisis. System Engineer Markus explains how customers can increase the productivity of their DMLS 3D printers up to 60% thanks to the innovative beam shaping feature. Additive Manufacturing Consultant Davy works with customers to develop applications that require significantly fewer support structures during production, which not only saves material but also energy and inert gas. Don't know what supports are? Then have a look! 

4 | Sustainable Spare Part Production

Follow Björn in this episode to Berlin, where he meets with Stefanie Brickwede, Head of Additive Manufacturing at Deutsche Bahn. Until now, the company printed up to 60,000 spare parts and soundly investigated 3D printing to reduce cost, avoid waste and limit the standstill of trains. In addition to their manufacturing journey, you will discover the most exciting applications and benefits they have for their supply chain. Finally, Stefanie reveals why 3D printing is strategically important for the future of one of the largest European railway companies.  

3 | Sustainable Plastics 2 – Biobased Powder

Join us for part two of sustainable plastic manufacturing and get exciting information about the first climate and carbon-neutral material for 3D printing. In the opening discussion, our EOS colleague Sam Houston will give you information about the properties of the biobased material and the industries in which it can be applied. Furthermore, Charlotte Herdt from our powder supplier Arkema will explain to you how castor beans are turned into plastic. Lastly, our third guest is Kai Landwehr from the NGO Myclimate. Haven't you always wanted to know what carbon offsetting is and when it makes sense to utilize it. Kai will give you the answer. 

2 | Sustainable Plastics 1 – Use and Reuse of Powder

In the second episode, Björn meets with two of his colleagues, polymer material experts, Sybille Fischer and Vanessa Seidenschwarz to discuss where carbon emissions occur during the 3D printing process. Sybille explains what happens to plastics during the process and the consequences this has for part properties. Vanessa gives insights into how users can prevent powder aging during production and work more efficiently, thanks to sustainability optimized parameters. Learn more about closing the material loop via powder reuse for other processes or powder and parts recycling. 

1 | Life Cycle Assessment of 3D Printed Eyewear

Björn’s first guests are Sebastian Zenetti, Managing Director and Head of Sales at YOU MAWO, and Sebastian Kilchert, Research Associate at Fraunhofer EMI. YOU MAWO offers customized and sustainably produced eyewear. The study conducted with Fraunhofer EMI proved that YOU MAWO’s frame production is three times more sustainable than the conventional manufacturing process. Sebastian Kilchert explains in detail the focus of the study and why the life-cycle assessment was such a critical part of it. Learn more about the benefits of 3D printed eyewear and YOU MAWO’s sustainability goals for the future.

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Today’s environmental and social challenges demand action. We believe that innovation and technology can help create a better world for everyone. The BLUEPRINT for Responsible Manufacturing vlog delivers insights into projects, concepts, and ideas of how to make Responsible Manufacturing the new normal. Meet Björn, our Head of Sustainability, and his interesting guests. He speaks with customers, suppliers, research institutes, NGOs, and colleagues from EOS. Join us on this exciting journey of exploring Responsible Manufacturing!

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