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3D Printing for the Space Industry

From Prototype to Launch Pad - Advancing Innovative Technologies

Additive Manufacturing for Space Propulsion, Satellite Parts, Rocket Engines and More 

Spacecraft and satellites have always been reliant on new and advanced technologies. Today, it’s 3D printing that is opening up new design and manufacturing opportunities, even for the most relevant parts. An increasing number of young companies are entering the space industry – armed with the knowledge that 3D printing technology is capable of satisfying the strict requirements of the aerospace industry while remaining cost-efficient overall.

Focus on Speed and Efficiency

Especially in the rapidly growing market of commercial space applications, the ability to manufacture prototypes and small series productions plays a decisive role. There are often extreme customer-specific requirements on aerospace parts, which matches up perfectly with the possibilities offered by additive manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing also enables the use of custom materials such as copper alloys that would be very difficult and expensive to process conventionally.

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That’s Why EOS Is the Right Partner

For satellite rockets, most companies are looking for a metal-based manufacturing process to produce complex or otherwise difficult parts. 

  • EOS is a leading provider of systems and materials for direct metal laser solidification (DMLS), a powder bed-based manufacturing technique for highest-quality parts that are reliable, reproducible and cost-efficient.
  • The industry trusts EOS solutions because we have the largest installation base of industrial 3D printers.
  • Challenging operating conditions demand excellent materials. EOS offers a comprehensive selection of metal materials for optimal product properties, including copper and titanium. 
  • With the EOS ecosystem, we are part of a multi-layer network that aggregates competencies and is capable of implementing customer-specific manufacturing solutions throughout the entire value chain from idea, design, production, post-processing and the finished part.
  • Freedom of design has always been one of the guiding principles of AM, enabling part structures and applications that were impossible to manufacture using traditional production processes. The partnership between EOS and Hyperganic now takes this approach to the next level for space propulsion components.

Key Applications in Space

EOS Success Stories

Liquid Rocket Engines

It's a new era of opportunity in rocket propulsion, as engineers enjoy unprecedented design freedom and manufacturing flexibility as they go from concept to functional parts.


picture of a satellite in space watching earth