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In collaboration with renowned partners, the Additive Minds Academy provides comprehensive training programs to streamline additive manufacturing (AM) education, onboarding processes, and continuous education for organizations leveraging EOS technology as well as metal and polymer powder bed fusion process (LPBF) in general. Regardless of AM comfort level, the Additive Minds Academy is a premiere resource for accelerating AM upskilling, reskilling, and keeping AM users on the cutting edge of industrial 3D printing.  

The Additive Minds Academy uses state-of-the-art training methods, including innovative tools to provide students with the optimal learning experience. The educational programs offered through the Additive Minds Academy range from operations, strategic education such as portfolio analysis, to process engineering, AM design, and more.   

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The Academy can match you regardless of the AM mode you’re in. From strategy to machine maintenance, we’ve got you covered. 

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Benefits of Training with Our Team

With Additive Minds Academy's efficiently designed certificate programs, you can gain usable AM skills in as little as 2 days. The courses provide real-world, experience-driven insight every AM team needs to know.

  • Learn at your own pace with online and self-study 
  • Join in-person programs at your facility or at our Academy Centers 
  • Real-life case studies and examples of AM implementation  
  • Courses with in-person training and hybrid learning opportunities  
  • Industry leading instructors with years of experience in industrial 3D printing  
  • Comprehensive support and feedback throughout each course 
  • Additive Minds Academy certificate upon course completion 

Key Concepts and Technique Trainings

The Additive Minds Academy not only provides e-online courses based on your industrial 3D printing experience, but also education based on key skills or AM techniques that can benefit your organization. The Additive Minds Academy was created for engineers, designers, machine operators, and aspiring creators alike, all part of the 3D printing process, yet focused on different elements of the AM journey.  

The Additive Minds Academy provides trainings as specific as reference point calibration on the EOS M 290 and design rules for metal laser powder bed fusion, providing training and sources of educational guidance for all potential pain points of your organization.  

Additive Minds Academy trainings can help streamline onboarding processes, accelerate your team’s AM education, and stay on the cutting edge of our technology. Explore the Additive Minds Academy’s collection of trainings and learning paths to leverage as your organization grows its AM workforce. 

Find the Right Training for You 

Our Additive Minds team can help you choose the best learning path for you based on your AM experience level, educational background, and personal or organizational AM goals. Leveraging the Additive Minds Academy to identify the optimal onboarding and continuous education courses for your engineering team can also enable your organization to bring your AM workforce up to speed as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Explore the Latest Academy Courses


Post Processing Overview Polymer

In this module you learn different methods and technology to postprocess polymer AM parts.

AM Data Preparation Metal

Specialise in data preparation and optimise the quality and efficiency of the entire production process for metal AM materials.

Identifying AM Applications

Find the right AM application for your organization, reduce the time required to bring your additive manufacturing application to market and reduce cost per part for the identified applications.

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Free EOS Webinars

From 3D-Printing basics to Additive Manufacturing deep dive

Our on-demand webinars offer industrial 3D printing knowledge, free of charge and straightforward. Our experts explain the most common and pressing questions about 3D printing in an understandable and comprehensive way. Quickly find the content relevant to you in our thematically organized webinar library.