Metal Powder Handling

Solutions for Material Handling - Different Degrees of Automation for the Volumes You Need


The EOS material management system enables you to convey and sieve your metal materials. To meet every customer requirement, the systems have different degrees of automation, are suitable for both small and large volumes of material and can also be flexibly integrated into your production environment, regardless of which EOS metal system you choose.

Every system provides consistent conditions to reliably produce parts and facilitates sampling for quality assurance purposes. The simple mode of operation and high safety levels minimize the risk of powder contact for operators. Since the material management and build job unfold in parallel, the set-up time between jobs is reduced and the overall productivity is increased.

Maximize your system utilization with our state-of-the-art set up station


Our Portfolio for You Two Series for All Your Material Volume Needs



Integrated Process Chain Management (IPCM M)

Systems in the IPCM M series have individual modules that can be used for multiple machines and with different materials. IPCM M modules therefore offer maximum flexibility and scalability. 

Industrial Powder Management (IPM M)

The IPM M series is characterized by automated and intelligent material management that meets the requirements of series production with high material volumes.

IPCM M extra

is the manual solution for flexible operation with

multiple machines and different materials. 

IPCM M Extra

IPCM M extra sieving module with ultrasonic sieve for consistent powder quality with desired particle size

IPCM M Extra

IPCM M extra conveyor module with pneumatic pump for quick emptying of the machines

EOS M 290

EOS M 290 with Comfort Powder Module pro for contact-free powder handling when filling and emptying the machine


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