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Polymer Enablement

Explore our range of services, backed by decades of experience, technical expertise, and commitment to your success.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions unlocks the full potential of every polymer-based 3D print, empowering industries to harness the transformative power of additive manufacturing. From material handling and process optimization to post-processing methods and expert-led training, EOS offers a holistic approach to 3D-printed polymers to elevate your manufacturing endeavors.

Software Solutions

Unlock the Potential of Every 3D Printed Part

Discover the power of data flow in 3D printing with polymers. Our EOS Plans offer flexible access to a range of validated manufacturing solutions, empowering you to adapt swiftly to market demands without additional investment. 

EOSPRINT provides data preparation and job optimization software, allowing multiple users to fine-tune process parameters and manage the usage of 3D printing material.

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Intuitive data preparation for 3D printing using EOSPRINT software
Material Management

Efficient Material Flow Solutions

We offer a range of material handling solutions with different degrees of automation across unpacking, sieving, mixing, and feeding powder. Our modular polymer 3D printing solutions can easily grow with your manufacturing needs. To adapt to a wide range of manufacturing needs, we collaborate with third-party experts for optimal results.

Measurable reliability across the board

  • 92% machine availability
  • Up to 71% utilization
  • 98% homogeneous parts in one build

With a semi-automated or fully automated setup, you can also increase your builds per year and guarantee repeatable and reproducible quality across builds and machines.

Additional periphery equipment such as mixing and qualification stations take care of material management in parallel to the actual 3D printing process, thus reducing the setup time between build orders while minimizing contact to material and enhancing work safety.

If you’re just starting your additive manufacturing journey, our cost-effective manual solutions are easy to set up, even for a range of printing materials. As your 3D printing needs evolve, our solutions can adapt and scale alongside your business and production line. For high-volume manufacturing, our solutions even allow for batch tracing in a closed production cycle, thus meeting the highest standards for both quality and safety.

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An automated set-up of a polymer production facility

Refine Components and Streamline Workflow

Enhance the appearance and functionality of 3D-printed polymer parts straight from the 3D printer with various post-processing methods. Parts that require a glossy finish can be refined to meet specific material property requirements.

Options include depowdering to remove excess material or the usage of glass beads or CO2 ice to gently compact and smoothen the surface without material removal. As a result, the 3D-printed parts have a matte glossy finish that’s scratch- and dirt-resistant. Chemical smoothing dissolves the part’s surface, leaving it smooth, highly glossy, sealed, and washable, thus achieving an injection molding look.

Dyeing and spray painting offer an unlimited selection of ISO-certified colors for a final touch. Galvanization allows metalizing surfaces and enhancing functionality. This completes the possibilities to meet the broadest range of industry applications and requirements.

Galvanized 3D printed polymer part | © EOS
Galvanized 3D printed polymer part (right)
Training Solutions

Improve Your Workflow with Industry-leading Training

Elevate your expertise in polymer 3D printing with Additive Minds Academy’s comprehensive online training programs. Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations globally to unlock the potential of responsible manufacturing through industrial 3D printing.

Based on several years of industry experience, our instructors have curated 3D printing courses suitable for all skill levels, enabling you to remain at the forefront of additive manufacturing. Our digital courses allow you to enhance your polymer 3D printing knowledge on your terms, using cutting-edge tools like augmented and virtual reality.

Covering everything from the basics of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and 3D printing materials to design for AM, our curriculum ensures your proficiency in additive manufacturing. Our efficiently structured learning paths empower you to acquire in-depth skills in as little as four to six weeks, supported by expert instructors with extensive experience in the 3D printing industry.

Learn at your own pace and embark on your journey to becoming a 3D printing expert, with EOS training solutions.

three people in front of a 3D printing system
Hands-on industrial 3D printing courses for every skill level
Consulting Services

Consulting at Your Side

Unlock the transformative power of plastic 3D printing with Additive Minds, the dedicated technical consulting division of EOS. With a team of over 100 experts worldwide, we collaborate with you to explore how additive manufacturing can revolutionize your business.

Our comprehensive consulting services cover the entire value chain of 3D printing polymers, offering flexible material solutions tailored to your specific needs. From tweaking AM process parameters for optimal workflows to fully leveraging every machine’s manufacturing capabilities, we guide you every step of the way.

Partner with us for individualized consulting and accelerated development of groundbreaking products, down to the last printing parameter.

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Talk from expert to expert to boost your application
Technical Services

Dedicated Service & Support

Our service and support team is committed to ensuring your success, from the initial certification of 3D printing technology to ongoing maintenance and support. Whether you’re embarking on your 3D printing journey or facing operational challenges, our technical services are designed to maximize your success.

Our comprehensive service portfolio includes everything you need, such as expert assistance in ramping up production, preventative care, troubleshooting, and access to original spare parts. 

We’re here to ensure your investment in 3D printers yields long-term benefits and maximum system value retention. Count on our experienced specialists for a smooth installation process tailored to your needs, and let us support you in achieving the right quality management processes. With more than 30 years of experience, we swiftly diagnose and address any issues, ensuring minimal downtime.

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Our experts swiftly diagnose and address any issues