Corporate Management

Executive Board and Leadership Team

Founder and Chairman

Dr. Hans J. Langer


Dr. Hans J. Langer is Executive Chairman of the family-owned EOS GROUP and is responsible for the group's strategic direction. Dr. Langer founded EOS in 1989 and built it into a global leader for high-end solutions in the field of industrial 3D printing. Stations prior to EOS included research at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics and as Managing Director Europe of General Scanning.

Portrait: Dr. Hans J. Langer

Executive Board

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Marie Langer, of the founding Langer family's second generation, took over as CEO of EOS in October 2019. She oversees the strategic path of EOS and its subsidiaries. Her key goals are digitization, industrialization and sustainability in 3D printing. This involves the integration of industrial 3D printing into the digital value chain of production and the further industrialization of the technology for series production while closely cooperating with companies within the EOS ecosystem.

Simultaneously, Marie Langer is passionately driving forward a comprehensive corporate concept that combines innovation and sustainability. Her goal is to enable a responsible approach to manufacturing that offers customers competitive yet sustainable solutions, while also providing social and ecological benefits to the world.

Portrait: Marie Langer
Chief Business Officer (CBO) Polymer Solutions




In January 2023, Virginia Palacios joined EOS. She manages the business of the global EOS polymer solutions — consisting of systems, software, and materials.

With her deep engineering knowledge coupled with market insight and customer needs, she's perfectly poised to refine our strategy, aligning it with future demands and ensuring consistent customer success.


Portrait: Virginia Palacios
Chief Customer Advocate (CCA) and President, EOS North America




Since March 2015, Glynn Fletcher has served as President of EOS North America. Alongside this responsibility, he oversees the EOS subsidiary Advanced Laser Materials (ALM), a top provider of high-performance polymers, including customized blends for additive manufacturing. 

Additionally, Glynn plays a key role in driving progress for selected high-growth industries and providing strategic guidance to the global organization. With his focus on customer satisfaction and deep understanding of customer needs, he has a proven track record of accelerating business performance.


Portrait: Glynn Fletcher
Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Nikolai Zaepernick


In his role as CSO, Nikolai Zaepernick spearheads the development and execution of EOS' sales strategy on a global scale. With an end-to-end vision for the business, he leads the Regional Sales development and Service Teams, and oversees the global EOS service portfolio. In addition, he is one of the Managing Directors of EOS GmbH.

Nikolai joined EOS in 2011. He has been responsible in the areas of strategy, sales, and solution portfolio and he had a great impact on the company’s growth with his profound understanding of the industry and dedication to customer-centric and innovative strategies.


Portrait: Nikolai Zaepernick
Chief Performance Officer (CPO)

Dr. Florian Mes


Dr. Florian Mes joined EOS as CPO of the EOS GROUP in January 2021, and has been one of the Managing Directors of EOS GmbH since October 2021. In his role, he focuses on operational excellence and is also responsible for Finance, and IT. 

He has extensive expertise in the areas of transformation and performance improvement programs as well as corporate finance proficiency.


Portrait: Dr. Florian Mes
Chief Transformation Officer (CTrO)




Ruha Reyhani joined EOS as Chief Transformation Officer in July 2020. She leads the cultural transformation process at EOS and also seeks to enable new ways of collaboration. Her main focus is on people operations, talent management, communications, positioning, internal digitalization, customer and employee experience, as well as establishing a future-oriented mindset and new work concepts to develop employee and team performance.

She has extensive expertise in developing human-centered, entrepreneurial, and collaborative approaches for companies.


Portrait: Ruha Reyhani
Chief Business Officer (CBO) Metal Solutions




Joachim Zettler joined EOS in April 2022, being responsible for Global Operations. He has additionally taken over the role as CBO Metal Solutions and manages the business of the global EOS metal solutions — consisting of systems and materials. His holistic understanding of industrial engineering, material science, and production management, combined with his extensive first-hand experience from both customer and user perspectives, will be instrumental in pushing forward the innovation of our Metal business as a whole and keeping our global operations running stably.

Chief Business Officer (CBO) Metal Solutions Joachim Zettler
Portrait: Joachim Zettler

More about Who we Are

People and Culture

Without the dedication and ingenuity of EOS team members across 15 countries, none of our success would be possible. We prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion, and we strive to create a value-oriented, positive and highly effective working environment through a strong focus on employee well-being.


The evolution of EOS since its 1989 founding in some ways mirrors the progression of additive manufacturing itself, as the company transitioned from stereolithography to laser sintering and helped AM become viable for series production.




This art exhibit series, presented at EOS headquarters in Krailling, showcases the work of ingenious artists working in various mediums, displaying how both modern art and additive manufacturing have virtually limitless possibilities.