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Additive Snack Podcast

Expert Insights to Feed Your Additive Manufacturing Journey

About the Show

Additive Snack Podcast delivers exciting additive manufacturing insights for experts and beginners alike.

Join host Fabian Alefeld and a range of guests as they discuss all things additive manufacturing (AM) and 3D printing news, with interviews and real-world stories to educate and entertain. Each episode, Fabian talks to AM experts, professionals in specialist fields, and 3D printer users from all walks of life to deliver a well-rounded view on the state of AM.

Cut through the confusion surrounding polymer and metal additive manufacturing solutions with our digestible, down-to-earth discussions that deliver insights into common mistakes and best practice tips so you can get a clear understanding of AM — layer for layer. 

Whether you’re curious about 3D printing technology for the aerospace industry, a deep dive into fused deposition modeling, or applications of injection molding — we leave no spare parts behind. We want to provide you with the additive insight needed to stay laser focused and leverage every opportunity 3D printing materials have to offer.

Join us for an Additive Snack and we’ll help you and your business achieve growth and success through the latest developments in AM.

No marketing B.S. and no product pitches. Just the education, inspiration and information you and your organization need to drive business growth, brought to you by global AM leader EOS.

Get ready to feed your AM knowledge and find your path to success!

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Latest Episodes

About Your Host

Fabian Alefeld for the most recent additive manufacturing innovations

Fabian Alefeld heads the Additive Minds Consulting and Academy teams at EOS. He actively contributes and supports the successful implementation of AM by delivering best-in-class consulting and educational services, including the Additive Snacks podcast.

Fabian is committed to three core values: visionary and innovative leadership, continuous organizational learning and improvement, and team support and development. 

He developed the Additive Snack podcast with the goal of sharing the experience and knowledge of leading experts in the AM industry in an entertaining and interesting way. 

Fabian works with AM specialists and professionals in a variety of industries to bring you engaging Additive Snack episodes that dispel the myths and unravel the complexities of AM.

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Fabian Alefeld host of the Podcast

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