Leading the World into
Responsible Manufacturing

At EOS, we provide responsible solutions based on additive manufacturing (AM) technology to companies around the world.

Connecting high-quality production efficiency with pioneering innovation and sustainable practices, we were founded in 1989. Since then, we have been shaping the future of manufacturing. Our industrial 3D printing solutions enable our customers to be successful by having access to a holistic portfolio of services, materials, and processes.

EOS is the leading technology provider worldwide for industrial 3D printing of metals and plastics. We are pioneers and innovators for integrated solutions in AM and have mastered the interactions between lasers and powder materials. We offer everything you need from a single source: 3D printers, materials, and process parameters. The entire process is intelligently coordinated to enable reliably high part quality and a competitive edge for our customers. Our portfolio also includes worldwide service, comprehensive consulting, and training.

Our Purpose – to accelerate the world's transition to  Responsible Manufacturing.

We believe that innovation and technology can help create a better world for everyone. Most current manufacturing techniques are restrictive, wasteful, and inefficient. We are convinced that additive manufacturing can overcome these limitations.

So we exist to accelerate the world's transition to  Responsible Manufacturing. 

At EOS, we extend the boundaries of manufacturing ingenuity to ensure that future production is less harmful to our planet. We pioneer AM technology and offer unprecedented digital solutions to existing and future manufacturing challenges.

We nurture an ecosystem and empower our people to strive for results that increase energy efficiency, reduce waste, and use resources conscientiously at every step of the process. All with the very clear intention of establishing Responsible Manufacturing as the new normal.

More about Who we Are


Contributing to sustainability in AM is more than a compliance obligation or cost-saving opportunity. For us, it's our purpose — one we pursue with the help of customers, suppliers, partners, scientific organizations, regulators and numerous other stakeholders.

People and Culture

Without the dedication and ingenuity of EOS team members across 15 countries, none of our success would be possible. We prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion, and we strive to create a value-oriented, positive and highly effective working environment through a strong focus on employee well-being.

Corporate Management

Meet the EOS Group leadership team, keeping EOS GmbH and its subsidiaries focused on our purpose while guiding us down a sustainable path of continuous development.

World map made of powder

Locations Worldwide

We are there for our customers. Together with our partners, you can find us in 35 countries.


This art exhibit series, presented at EOS headquarters in Krailling, showcases the work of ingenious artists working in various mediums, displaying how both modern art and additive manufacturing have virtually limitless possibilities.


EOS is an unquestioned pioneer of additive manufacturing — founded in 1989 by Dr. Hans J. Langer and Dr. Hans Steinbichler and is now led in the second generation by Marie Niehaus-Langer. We have seen the field grow from a niche form of rapid prototyping to a viable method for producing end-use parts in some of the world's biggest industries. In fact, in the course of transitioning from stereolithography to LPBF, we developed a number of technologies and solutions that modern AM could not function without.