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EOS - your leading partner in the world of additive manufacturing in industrial 3D printing. With our advanced technology, we offer you an extensive product portfolio. Learn more about our solutions that are driving the world of 3D printing forward.

3D printed armrest with lattice structure | © EOS

Additive Manufacturing

In additive manufacturing, the material is applied layer by layer in precise geometric shapes based on a CAD model. Gain an insight into the technology of additive manufacturing.

EOS Process 3D printed Turbine Blade for Siemens

DMLS Technology for Metal 3D Printers

What is DMLS and how does it work? All about the DMLS 3D printing technology, metal 3D printing & additive manufacturing in detail. Discover how it works. 

3D Printing Laser Powder Polymer

SLS Technology for Plastic 3D Printers

What is Selective Laser Sintering and how does it work? All about SLS 3D printer, plastics 3D printing and the SLS technology in detail.

EOS Service EOS M 400-4

Industial 3D Printers

EOS Industrial 3D printers offer a wide range of technologies and processes. Get an overview of our metal and polymer systems.