An EOS Network: Joint Expertise in Additive Manufacturing

A Multi Layered network of EOS Affiliates and Partners

EOS Ecosystem

The EOS Ecosystem is a multi-layered network of EOS affiliates and partners. These partners include external partner companies and a multitude of promising start-ups in which AM Ventures (AMV) – a sister company of the EOS GROUP – has invested.


EOS GmbH is the world's leading technology supplier in the field of industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers. Founded in 1989, the independent company is a pioneer and innovator in the additive manufacturing sector. When it comes to understanding the interaction between laser and powder materials, EOS is unrivalled in its field and offers all key elements from a single source. Systems, materials and process parameters are intelligently designed to work together to ensure the highest possible component quality.

EOS Consulting Division

EOS Additive Minds is the EOS consulting division which specializes in the transformation to industrial 3D printing, helping to exploit the full potential of the technology faster. Additive Minds helps customers acquire the necessary expertise and guides them in identifying and developing suitable applications and in establishing an AM-based production, thus enabling them to fully leverage the benefits of this future-oriented technology and streamline production. 

Additive Manufacturing Customized Machines

AMCM offers customized AM solutions and modified and enhanced EOS systems tailored to customer requirements – from new lasers to adapted heating concepts and modified build volumes.

AMCM also builds completely new systems designed specifically to meet customer requirements.

Metal for Printing

M4P is a material supplier and developer and offers a broad spectrum of metal powders. This includes standard materials and newly developed customer and application-specific powders, created by mixing, sieving, alloying and recycling.

Additive Manufacturing Metals 

AM Metals develops new applications for the metal manufacturing processand offers customers from a wide range of sectors consulting services on design, engineering, post-processing and prototype construction. 

Advance Laser Materials

ALM has a research and service laboratory and specializes in the development and manufacture of tailored, custom-made high performance polymer mixtures for additive manufacturing.

Kunststoff Vertrieb Dr. Schiffers

KVS is the world's largest factory for thermoplastic AM materials and delivers fine powders for coating surfaces that find wide application in various sintering and coating processes.