3d printed metal part

3D Printing for Medical Technology

Customized and Optimized Production

Creating Innovations That Make a Difference

Additive manufacturing offers the medical industry great freedom of design, adaptability and functional integration. For the manufacturers of dentures, medical and orthopedic technology products, orthoses and prostheses, this creates many far-reaching opportunities. There is complete control over the shapes, materials and specific designs based on patient-specific data which makes it possible to offer more individual treatments, simplifies biomechanical reconstruction and enables innovative therapy methods to be implemented quickly.

"With more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing all kinds of machines and solutions for additive manufacturing, we have accompanied and supported our customers across a diverse range of exciting and innovative medical projects. In doing so, we have learned to understand the specific requirements of this market."

We design our production technology to reflect our knowledge of the challenges associated with certifications and material-specific requirements. For better patient care.

Away From Standardized Solutions Towards a Patient-Specific Approach

With additive manufacturing, prostheses, orthoses and dental implants can be manufactured directly from each patient’s individual anatomical data. This results in custom products that are rapidly available, which significantly improves the healing process and prognosis.

Industrial 3D printing opens up far-reaching opportunities for manufacturers of dentures, medical and orthopedic technology products, orthoses and prostheses: the customization potential of products, combined with cost-efficiency, makes it possible to manufacture better and more economically viable products and develop new business models.

Away From Standardized Solutions Toward Improved Functionality

The ability to create complex geometries and integrate functionality with the additive manufacturing process creates vast benefits in orthopedic technology and when manufacturing complex medical equipment.

Our technologies have now been used in custom implants for several years. In complex cases, cancer treatment, implant revision or serious accidents, these patients may benefit from EOS additive manufacturing technology which allows a specific and potentially very complex product to be designed and quickly made available based on their individual diagnosis. EOS 3D printing technology can also be used to create a wide variety of surface structures, which can simplify processes such as osseointegration, namely the growth between living bone tissue and the surface of the bone implant.

For high-tech medical equipment and specialized machines, the freedom of design means that assemblies can be simplified and functionality can be integrated into the part. In these cases, additive manufacturing can pay off even with small batch sizes. Tool costs are eliminated, as well as any assembly and logistics costs.

With 3D printing, the design is driven by functionality and no longer by manufacturability. Whether for manufacturing implants, surgical instruments or complex medical technology products: additive manufacturing empowers you to reimagine the geometry. As a result, you can design and manufacture your products more efficiently for their specific applications.