P 770

Additive Manufacturing of Series Parts Up to 1 Meter in Length


System Data Sheet
Key Features

High Productivity with a Build Volume of over 150 Liters

Two powerful lasers achieve a build rate of up to 5.6 liters per hour, delivering exceptional productivity and cost-per-part benefits for industrial high-throughput manufacturing.



With the currently available selection of 9 material and layer thickness combinations, EOS is the leader in material diversity. The EOS ParameterEditor can be used to define custom exposure parameters based on proven starting values.

Man standing in front of indstrial 3D printers holding a polymer part  | © EOS

Part Quality

The established EOSAME feature homogenizes the energy input, ensuring excellent part mechanics and dimensional accuracy throughout the entire build volume. There are no visible edges in the overlapping zone of the lasers.

polymer powder bed

Cost Reduction

The optimized temperature management, improved layering speed and powerful lasers significantly reduce the build time and hence the part costs.

Technical Data
Technical Data
Build Volume 700 x 380 x 580 mm (27.6 x 15.0 x 22.8 in)
Laser Type CO₂; 2 x 70 W
Presicion Optics 2 F-theta-lens(es); 2 High-speed scanner(s)
Scan Speed up to 10.0 m/s (32.8 ft/s)
Power Supply 1 x 32 A
Power Consumption max. 12.0 kW / typical 3.1 kW
Machine Dimensions 2250 x 1550 x 2100 mm (88.6 x 61.0 x 82.7 in)
Recommended Installation Space min. 4800 x 4800 x 3000 mm (189.0 x 189.0 x 118.1 in)
Weight approx. 2300 kg (5071 lbs)
Materials & Processes

Materials & Processes

EOS has extremely high materials expertise and a comprehensive portfolio of highly developed polymer materials for additive manufacturing. Our materials, systems and process parameters fit together optimally. With the right materials, you can realize the target property profiles in the best possible way for your products.  Explore below which polymer materials and processes are compatible with the EOS P 770.

Get Inspired

Get Inspired

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Expand Your AM Knowledge & Skills

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From Zero to Hero Plastic

On-Demand Webinar

Industrial 3D printing with plastic offers unparalleled design freedom, overcoming traditional production constraints. This webinar explores various technologies, highlighting their strengths and limitations, and assesses their suitability for serial applications. Discover how additive manufacturing creates incredibly sturdy yet lightweight structures impossible to make through conventional methods.

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AM Data Preparation Polymer


Optimize production quality and efficiency with our certification data preparation course for polymer applications. Learn how to implement polymer-specific data preparation best practices, recognize main challenges for your applications and exchange ideas with real AM experts


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Learn the post-processing methods and technology to meet both functional and aesthetic needs of polymer AM parts.  From smoothing surfaces with precision to coloring and coating, this module empowers you to refine and redefine the possibilities of AM-produced polymer parts.

Software Solutions that Scale to Your Needs

EOS Data Insights

The EOS Data Insights Plan assists business users of additive manufacturing technologies in optimizing their machine fleet by connecting machines and offering powerful data analysis applications. This versatile tool is available as a subscription that can run on-premises or as a cloud-based service. It empowers organizations to effortlessly monitor their machines in real time, identify potential issues before they occur and make data-driven decisions to enhance machine performance.

EOS Technical Service

From getting started to sustainable success

We always focus on your success. From a certified start in the 3D printing process to qualified system maintenance and globally available support with a convenient service portal which provides you with information around your machine and service tickets 24/7.

Pick the Service Plan that fits best for your needs and enjoy the option for remote service availabel for many of our solutions. Our EOS SystemCare Program is tailored to your specific requirements. 

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