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Additive Part Manufacturing for Turbomachinery 3D Printing for Gas Turbines & More

Turbomachinery is indispensable for energy generation. Its high-performance parts feature complex, high-tech designs that need to be more and more robust and powerful as the demand for energy increases. In addition, turbomachinery parts need to be resistant and reliable – even at temperatures beyond the melting point.

Additive manufacturing can solve many of these challenges and is suitable for numerous applications:

blades and vanes, fuel injectors, impellers, swirlers, burners and combustion chambers, cladding, seals, housings, and much more. The 3D metal printing process (DMLS) offers the right technological foundations for implementing an optimized cooling strategy, among other things. Parts can be designed and made to transport and apply energy with increasingly precise focus. Innovative repair processes, for example, are revolutionizing the efficiency of turbomachinery parts by building at worn areas directly on the original part.

Our systems can enable new potential for your turbomachinery parts, including improved energy efficiency, reduced development cycles, and a higher return on investment.

Improved performance and efficiency


Drastically reduced lead time


In-sourcing of IP and manufacturing capacity: less dependency

Applications for Additive Manufacturing Technology  Construction and Maintenance of Turbomachinery Parts

Improve Parts & Performance


Accelerate Research & Development


Optimize Repairs & Maintenance


Improve Spare Parts Logistics

Additive manufacturing allows you to manufacture complex parts with integrated functionality. Lower part costs and shorter lead times can also be achieved by reducing the rejection rate.
Linde HYDROPOX burner as all-in-one design (AiO) with a complex sandwich structure | © EOS
Directly from CAD data: faster design optimizations and shorter development cycles become possible by building prototypes with 3D printing
Stator segments for compressors built in EOS NickelAlloy IN718, DMLS, 3D printing, laser
Reduced costs thanks to the ability to repair parts with complex cooling channels, less downtime.
EOS Turbine Blades | © EOS
Spare parts on request: even small batch sizes can be manufactured cost-efficiency, reducing storage costs.
Euro-K Burner | © EOS
Siemens Turbine Blades | © EOS

Success Story Siemens 3D Printing for Gas Turbine Blade

The collaboration between Siemens, Material Solutions and EOS demonstrates that 3D metal printing is a reliable and proven technology viable even for “moving” applications, without any compromise. In focus: developing a new turbine blade. The part was developed together with Siemens NX, built on EOS systems and produced by Material Solutions. 

Innovation Project With Outstanding Results


Performance increased to 13,000 rpm


Time savings:
75 % shorter development time
50 % quicker lead time


Heat stability:
Can be used with ambient temperatures of up to 1,250°C

If you can 3D print a turbine blade, you can print pretty much everything.

Dr. Markus Seibold | VP Additive Manufacturing | Siemens Power and Gas

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Jens Karnapp
Sales Manager (Key Account/Solution)

Success Story Siemens 3D Printing of Burner Fronts Makes Functional Integration Possible

Siemens relies on an EOS system to manufacture burner fronts featuring functional integration – redesigned with Siemens NX and manufactured in series on an EOS M 400-4 from EOS NickelAlloy HX.

A Challenging Task, Impressive Results



The part is manufactured as a single piece and no longer has 13 different components


Reduced weight

Since less material is used, the part is considerably lighter


Time savings

The lead time is reduced from 26 weeks to 3 weeks


Life cycle optimization

Reduced heating of the metal extends the service life of the part

Optimized Maintenance Management Based on 3D Printing

Downtime caused by repairs and maintenance work is a huge cost factor in large-scale energy generation plants. Especially for parts with high complexity and integrated channels, the hybrid repair process based on direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) opens up unique opportunities to save time and costs. How does it work? Areas that experience wear are reconstructed directly on the original part.

This has far-reaching advantages:

  • No additional welding steps are required
  • Improved quality of the connection between the reconstructed area and the original part
  • The alignment of internal structures is preserved

Innovation Story Siemens Reduced Gas Turbine Maintenance Costs Thanks to 3D Printing

A Demanding Task and a Smart Solution

Thanks to a customized EOS system, Siemens found success with a precise and fast maintenance process for burner tips subject to high thermal stress in gas turbines. The repairs are performed by building directly onto the worn material, saving time and cost.


Time savings

Repair times were reduced by 90 %


Process optimization

The repair process became significantly more streamlined


Functional integration

Technical improvements can be incorporated during repairs

Everything You Need for Turbomachinery Parts From a Single Source

We offer robust systems with repeatable part quality and a wide portfolio of materials, capable of handling diverse applications, including those involving high temperatures. To complement this, we also offer tools and software for comprehensive quality monitoring and a consulting department to take care of your needs.

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