Showcasing the connection between artistic ingenuity and EOS technology

The artists who stand the test of time are those with the vision, boldness and tenacity to create truly unprecedented works, using their chosen mediums in unique, heretofore unseen ways. This type of unbridled creativity is also a fundamental principle of additive manufacturing (AM) — and that connection is exactly what the EOS.KUNST.RAUM (EOS Art Space) art exhibit series depicts.


A Passion Project of the Langer Family

The Langer founding family of EOS initiated the EOS.KUNST.RAUM project in 2017, with the plan to present a new exhibition of modern sculpture regularly at the EOS headquarters in Krailling(a. (Additional art forms have been shown as well..) The project is for the benefit of EOS business partners, the local public in Krailling and the surrounding area — and, especially, EOS employees themselves.

As we've watched the EOS.KUNST.RAUM series unfold, its central concept has essentially remained the same — juxtaposing art, EOS technology and the physical architecture of the Krailling facility. By placing these seemingly disparate forms so they are in a dialog with one another, the creative impulse that all three of them embody becomes apparent, making a powerful impact on the observer.


"Once again there is the chance to discover something, to get to know something new or to learn more about ourselves. That's just how art is…

— Hella and Dr. Hans J. Langer

Presentation of the artists of EOS.KUNST.RAUM

Showcasing the connection between artistic ingenuity and EOS technology

Maria and Anna Ritsch and sculptor Thomas Röthel introduce themselves

Continuing the Tradition

After a three-year break, we brought back the EOS.KUNST.RAUM series in October 2022 with a new exhibition: DIALOG. As in the first three exhibits, we wanted to showcase beauty, creativity and joy — qualities we all could use more of in unpredictable times — while also impressing and challenging visitors with bold visions.

The DIALOG art exhibit was featured at EOS headquarters until May 2023. It included two primary displays: Maria and Anna Ritsch, who've worked together as the Ritsch Sisters since 2020, showcased their experimental photo art. Meanwhile, Thomas Röthel, a sculptor trained in woodcarving who now

works almost exclusively with steel, displayed some of his latest work — including one sculpture more than 6 meters tall!

  • The Ritsch Sisters used their photographic expertise to create images of 3D-printed parts that distort the appearance and color of the components. This effectively turns them into optical illusions — technically only red and blue, but appearing as one or the other, or a combination of the two, depending on how you look at them.

  • Röthel's sculptures take unconventional shapes that seem almost impossible to have been formed with steel — for example, Struktur No. 2's dozens (or perhaps hundreds) of steel cables layered and wrapped and intertwined into something out of science fiction.

What's Next?

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