People and Culture

Supporting a skilled, passionate workforce drives our success

Without the dedication and ingenuity of EOS team members, none of our company's landmark achievements would be possible. More than 1,350 employees in 15 countries across the globe form the EOS team.

We work consistently to ensure that our success and growth continue by providing holistic support to our employees. This ranges from value-based practices to health and safety management, as well as an ongoing focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

A Value-Driven Culture

EOS is made up of sharp, positive and creative minds. Innovation is our engine, and a passion for additive manufacturing (AM) unites us. We want to shape the future and lead the world into responsible manufacturing, so we strive to find the best solutions for our customers every day.

Years ago, we realized that to create and maintain a collaborative, innovative environment, we needed principles to guide us. This led to the core EOS values: togetherness, responsibility, fairness and excellence

These tenets of our corporate philosophy drive us not only to focus on supporting one another in any way we can, but also inform our approach to customer relationships.


Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I will remember. Make me part of it, and I will understand.

adapted from Laozi


A little knowledge in action is worth so much more than a lot of knowledge which remains passive.

adapted from Khalil Gibran


Treat me like you would like to be treated by others.

adapted from Immanuel Kant


Try to improve continuously and do not hold on the status quo or on the past.

adapted from Karl Popper

A Culture of Belonging

At EOS we extend the boundaries of manufacturing ingenuity to ensure that future production is less harmful to our planet. We cannot achieve this without breaking boundaries. Diversity is a fact of our world and we are convinced of its power to bring progress and positive change. Inclusivity and equity, however, are choices, and at EOS, we commit to them every day. We believe in creating a work environment that is built on empathy, respect, and fairness where every individual is seen, listened to, and empowered to bring in their whole self.

It’s well-established that a diverse workforce fosters innovation, boosts engagement, and reduces unconscious biases. That’s why EOS has concrete DEI goals in the short and long term. We want to focus on having more women and other underrepresented groups in STEM positions and in leadership roles. 

The EOS philosophy about DEI is that we're ALL IN. 

Ultimately, we aim to create an environment in which all workers — no matter their gender, sexual identity, ethnicity, religion, worldview, disabilities, age or any other identifying factor — can be seen, heard, and involved. Every EOS team member is expected to help us move toward this goal by exemplifying this culture of belonging on a daily basis.

Our DEI approach Living Our Values

Much like the four core corporate values that anchor EOS in all matters, we center our approach to DEI around four pillar principles:

  • Inclusive Leadership: Executive-level commitment to building a diverse and equitable workforce helps build trust in these efforts. (Women already constitute 50% of the EOS Core Leadership Team.)

  • People Experience: Developing insight regarding employee experiences through data collection helps sustain a positive, productive workforce and create more inclusive processes.

  • Awareness and Communication: Internal communication and public promotion of the EOS commitment to DEI benefits employees and strengthens our reputation.

  • Community and Networking: EOS is part of multiple networks that unite companies with demonstrable and ongoing DEI efforts, including Employers 4 Equality and Women in 3D Printing. We're also a signatory to the Charta der Vielfalt (Diversity Charter).

Maintaining Employee Well-being

Well-being is a multifaceted concept, and that's exactly how EOS tackles it. From a health perspective, we use our seven-phase approach to encourage employee health: movement, nutrition, relaxation, ergonomics, health support, health-oriented leadership and resilience. 

Elements that prop up this approach include fitness and sports activities, nutritional advice and other health courses, ergonomically designed workplaces, on-site company doctors and our Emergency Assistance Program, among others.

Our health and wellness resources also address periods when workers need time outside the walls of our workplaces. Whether that's for a day or two or several (or longer), health holidays and paid leave are readily available. Also, we approach parental leave in a way that ensures flexibility and support for all expecting and new parents. (The positive results of this approach are clear: We had a 97% retention rate among the 134 employees who took parental leave in 2022.)

Regarding benefits, we make no distinction at EOS between full-time employees, temporary workers and working students. They are available to all.

Safe Working Environments

Occupational health and safety is a must in heavy industry. To protect our EOS family, employees receive comprehensive operational instructions upon their registration regarding all tasks relevant to their job responsibilities. General and specialized safety briefings are also available through a learning management system.

Additional safety courses are regularly available to any employees interested in taking them. Some are hands-on, while others are online-only (or a combination of the two).

To ensure compliance with government regulations, industry guidelines and internal EOS procedures, managers in relevant departments are required to conduct a variety of risk assessments on a regular basis. Our dedicated Occupational Safety and Health team verifies the results of these assessments and also investigates any accidents that occur.



More about Who we Are


The evolution of EOS since its 1989 founding in some ways mirrors the progression of additive manufacturing itself, as the company transitioned from stereolithography to laser sintering and helped AM become viable for series production.

Corporate Management

Meet the EOS Group leadership team, keeping EOS GmbH and its subsidiaries focused on our purpose while guiding us down a sustainable path of continuous development.


This art exhibit series, presented at EOS headquarters in Krailling, showcases the work of ingenious artists working in various mediums, displaying how both modern art and additive manufacturing have virtually limitless possibilities.