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Promoting on-going excellence in AM – Our Academy

The best way to ensure a successful AM program is to build up and maintain the necessary know-how and expertise. Additive Minds makes it possible to do just that with our extensive Training Portfolio.  It includes everything you need to drive innovations with AM: one-day trainings to a six-month educational program.

Consultative trainings, seminars and workshops

Innovation with 3D Printing: Hands-on workshop to understand Additive Manufacturing in just 3 days.

Part Screening & Selection: Know which parts of your product portfolio can be manufactured with Additive Manufacturing and create additional value for your business.

Design for Additive Manufacturing: Develop Additive manufacturing know-how in various trainings, from AM Design Guidelines to advanced bionic structures.

Parameter Editing: Unleash the full potential of Additive Manufacturing by tailoring and customizing exposure strategies to make great products even better.

MeltPool Monitoring: Implement MeltPool Monitoring in your quality assurance chain to generate true value-add.

Cost per Part Optimization: Calculation, analysis & optimization of the cost per part (CPP) of additive manufactured applications with the help of an EOS cost-calculation tool.

Individualized Training: If you did not find the particular training you were looking for, please contact us to find out how we can assist you with individualized Training.

Take advantage of our interactive programs, designed to transfer know-how as fast as possible. Customer specific, hands on and “Edutainment" trainings. You get tangible results within a few days.
Choose from a variety of levels - beginners, advanced and expert courses. The range includes everything from design trainings to software and quality courses.


Cooperation with IESE Business School

Education Programs - Make the most of your AM System by becoming an expert in your AM Field

  • Comprehensive knowledge transfer from leading experts at EOS and leading universities guarantees rapid development of AM expertise
  • Balanced program transfers both know-how and practical experience

Expert programme AM Application Engineer

In partnership with the University of Wolverhampton (UoW) and the SRH Hochschule Berlin (SRH), EOS offers a 6 month expert programme, combining theoretical knowledge and practical implementation in the organisation.

Your Benefits

  • Defined and proven concept on how to develop Engineers 
  • Fast know-how development enabled by EOS and our highly skilled Partner Network, which includes the University of Wolverhampton and SRH Berlin
  • Highly effective way of transferring theoretical know-how into real life: 2 weeks theory followed by 1 month implementation 
  • Highly scalable and repeatable, by transferring the ability to implement knowledge within your company and across functions
  • Save time and money, compared to conventional  “trial & error" learning
  • Achieve momentum of AM implementation to unlock the full potential of your employees

Contact us to discuss how best Additive Minds can add value to your organisation.
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Trainings & Workshops

Build up and maintain the necessary 3D printing expertise! Watch out for our extensive workshop portfolio


We assist you in every step of your 3D printing roadmap to industrial production to get faster and better.

Innovation Centre

Accelerate the transformation of your organisation to a leading AM champion


Contact us to discuss how best Additive Minds can add value to your organisation. 

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