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Consulting Services – Let’s take your manufacturing to the next level

Wherever your organisation finds itself in the AM implementation process our consultants stand ready to support it. They can assist you in understanding any aspect of AM and help you discover how best to make it work in developing applications, ramping up production, or ensuring quality. We assist in identifying where you have the greatest opportunities on this AM roadmap and then accompany you on your journey to significantly improved production.

Achieve AM Readiness: 

  • Understand the benefits of AM and the value it can create for your organisation
  • Develop high value AM Applications
  • Select parts from your own portfolio, or develop radical innovations
  • Redesign your parts or create completely new designs
  • Integrate advanced structures into your design (e.g. Lattice)
  • Optimize specific parameters for your application

Ramp-up AM Production: 

  • Increase production performance and utilization
  • Define your new factory layout for your AM production 
  • Improve your existing AM production
  • Optimize your cost per part
Qualify, Rollout & Scale Production:

  • Implement full scale AM production, assure good and continuous quality, scale your AM production after being successful 
  • Validate and implement robust processes according to legal requirements
  • Get your production certified and prepare for high demand expectations

Interview for the magazine "Additive Manufacturing" with Güngör Kara (Director Global Application & Consulting bei EOS) at IMTS 2016

Trainings & Workshops

Build up and maintain the necessary 3D printing expertise! Watch out for our extensive workshop portfolio


Build up the necessary know-how in AM with one-day trainings up to a sixmonth educational program.

Innovation Centre

Accelerate the transformation of your organisation to a leading AM champion


Contact us to discuss how best Additive Minds can add value to your organisation. 

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