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EOS Data Insights

Comprehensive integration and connectivity for additive manufacturing — available as a flexible subscription

The EOS Data Insights Plan assists business users of additive manufacturing technologies in optimizing their machine fleet by connecting machines and offering powerful data analysis applications. This versatile tool is available as a subscription that can run on-premises or as a cloud-based service. It empowers organizations to effortlessly monitor their machines in real time, identify potential issues before they occur and make data-driven decisions to enhance machine performance.

EOS Data Insights App

EOS Hub: The Big-Picture View

The EOS Hub platform is a critical asset within the EOS Data Insight Plan. Through its open API, other software types (MES, CAQ, ERP, IIoT and digital marketplaces) can easily integrate with EOS machine data via a single interface endpoint.

Through the open API connectivity of EOS Hub, EOS Data Insights allows additive manufacturing users to create a true single source of truth: one that monitors 3D printing hardware and software performance while allowing a big-picture view of those operations within the facility or organization's larger context.

Subscription-Based Flexibility

After one year, if your organization opts out of its subscription, you will still be able to use EOS Hub on-premises and use the Machine State App. The Performance and Condition Apps will not be available to inactive users.


Our Software Solutions
for Your Additive Manufacturing

EOS Build and EOS Build+

CAM software for optimizing and creating build jobs for 3D printing, fully integrated with Materialise Magics, Siemens NX and other software.

EOS Smart Monitoring

Software for real-time monitoring of 3D printing builf jobs and quality assurance at every step of the process.

EOS System Suite

Countless additive manufacturing possibilities - in one customizable software package.

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Our Plastic 3D printers are available with various build volumes and laswer powers to meet your production challenges. 

Additive Manufacturing Metal

EOS Industrial Metal 3D Printers

Our metal 3D printers offer a wide range of build space sizes and laswer poer ratings - whatever your 3D printed application requires. 

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Additive Manufacturing Knowledge

Whether with consulting, training or free webinars - we accompany you from the first contact with additive manufacturing technologies to mature solutions for everyday operations.