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Piloting in the EMEA region the EOS End-to-End Production Network is designed to connect companies of all sizes in search for high quality serial additive manufacturing (AM) support with selected, certified EOS partners. To become a partner in this network, companies run through a certification process where the end-to-end capabilities are the key criteria. From part design, to design optimization for AM, manufacturing capabilities, pre- and post-processing including surface treatment, to quality assurance and assembly to create high-end final parts in series.

Key Benefits

Bring 3D-printed parts to market at speed and in high quality volumes

When our customers need a partner that is solidly positioned and can produce high-quality 3D-printed parts in mass series production, they are looking for a partner that can create the right product and also have the experience needed to bring products to the market. This includes not only the right part selection, but also AM-specific part design as well as competencies in sub-assembly. The partners have a fully qualified and optimized EOS branded solution to optimize the production. Our two partners within the EOS end-to-end production network so far are MT Aerospace and Prototal

"With this network we want to create added value for both parties involved – those offering manufacturing services and those searching for them. This will take much of the complexity and risk out of choosing a manufacturing partner for serial production businesses, with the most innovative product designs."

Markus Glasser, Senior Vice President EMEA
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The EOS end-to-end production network connects companies with certified member manufacturers to bring 3D-printed parts to market at speed and in high quality volumes.

EOS Manufacturing Partner Overview

No matter at which stage of production - we have the right partner for you for every step. In Europe you can rely in our EOS Contract Manufacturing and our End-To-End Production Network. 

EOS Contract Manufacturing Network

From rapid prototyping up to small series volumes, our EOS Contract Manufacturing Network connects you with leading AM production partners.