EOS launches End-to-End Production Network

New partner network connects start-ups, mid-sized companies and OEM’s with certified member manufacturers to bring 3D printed parts to market at speed and in high quality volumes. Prototal Industries, Scandinavia’s largest additive manufacturing company, announced as first member.

____ Krailling, Germany, January 19, 2022

EOS, constant innovator, and a leading supplier for responsible manufacturing solutions via industrial 3D printing technology, announced the launch of a new End-To-End Production Network designed to connect companies of all sizes in search for high quality serial additive manufacturing (AM) support with selected, certified EOS partners. Prototal Industries, Scandinavia’s largest and most specialized additive manufacturing company, is the first contract manufacturer to join the network.

With this EOS expands its already existing contract manufacturing network with the much-needed end-to-end production component. To become a partner in this network, companies run through a certification process where the end-to-end capabilities are the key criteria. From part design, to design optimization for AM, manufacturing capabilities, pre- and post-processing including surface treatment, to quality assurance and assembly to create high-end final parts in series. 

Companies joining the new EOS network have a deep understanding of serial production requirements and have proven excellence in all production steps. As such, the enable those in search for a partner to realize serial additive manufacturing (AM) on an industrial scale and across a wide range of industries with the ability to scale further.

Finding the right partner for serial AM solutions


From start-up businesses, to SME and OEM organizations, bringing products to life at scale can be a demanding experience, particularly if working in a certified industry or wanting high volume production that does not compromise on the quality of the final product, or global distribution. Once the right AM solution is identified, one of the biggest hurdles can be finding the right manufacturing method and deciding how to organize part production.

 EOS not only enables companies by identifying the best application and technology framework, but also consults companies on in-house vs. external production. If a third-party production partner is the best choice, then there are other important considerations. Businesses not only need partners that are solidly positioned and can produce high-quality 3D-printed parts at scale, but which also share the end-customer commitment to creating the right product and have the experience needed to bring products to the market.

EOS end-to-end production network partners will be able to help companies mitigate these risks and move rapidly to final serial part production on a large scale. Members will be able to bring their expertise from a range of manufacturing technologies to help them ramp-up production at speed, ensuring quality standards throughout and support every aspect of an end-to-end production.

"With more than 30 years of experience in offering comprehensive additive manufacturing solutions, EOS understands market requirements for AM series production. With this network we want to create added value for both parties involved – those offering manufacturing services and those in search for it.

This will take much of the complexity and risk out of choosing a manufacturing partner for serial production businesses, with the most innovate product designs. They will be able to bring products to market faster, using the latest state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, and draw on the vertical industry expertise and know-how within the network."
Markus Glasser, Senior Vice President EMEA at EOS

There are many industry standards and assessments designed to give customers confidence in a manufacturer’s capabilities, but they normally place the burden of research on the company in need of the parts. Customers choosing to work with members of the EOS End-to-End Production Network will have the confidence that each manufacturing partner has been assessed by EOS against criteria that not only verify their financial security and competence, but that they have leading industry and application know-how, particularly for heavily certified industries such as aviation, automotive and medical devices.

Prototal Industries: first certified member of EOS End-To-End Production Network

The first member of the EOS End-To-End Production Network is Prototal, Northern Europe’s biggest supplier in industrial 3D printing, vacuum casting, aluminium tools, and injection moulding.

The company has been an EOS customer for more than 20 years. With its longstanding AM expertise and more than 50 EOS polymer systems on-sight, Prototal offers end-to-end additive manufacturing capabilities for large scale serial production and to demanding and highly regulated industries such as aerospace, medical or automotive, to name but a few.

"It is with great pride that we become the first member of the EOS End-To-End Production Network.  At our various sites across Europe Prototal Industries for many years has built up the competence and the knowledge in how to additively manufacture larger series. The future looks bright for the technology in terms of even further developments in automation and more sustainable production, 3D-Printing really is a production method offering great benefits. And EOS is one of our most valuable partners."
Jan Löfving, CEO at Prototal Industries

The network initially will be set up in EMEA. It will grow within the next months. Stay tuned.

f.l.t.r: Jan Löfving, CEO of Prototal with Markus Glasser, Senior Vice President EMEA at EOS – at the Prototal GTP site - Photo credit: Prototal

About the Company


EOS provides responsible manufacturing solutions via industrial 3D printing technology to manufacturers around the world. Connecting high quality production efficiency with its pioneering innovation and sustainable practices, the independent company formed in 1989 will shape the future of manufacturing. Powered by its platform-driven digital value network of machines and a holistic portfolio of services, materials and processes, EOS is deeply committed to fulfilling its customers’ needs and acting responsibly for our planet.


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