A multiple dialog at the EOS headquarters in Krailling

A project of EOS.KUNST.RAUM

____ Krailling, October 21, 2022

EOS, a leading provider of sustainable manufacturing using industrial 3D printing, is entering its 4th round with its EOS.KUNST.RAUM. At its headquarters in the Kraillinger KIM it will be exhibiting photographies by the Ritsch Sisters and sculptures by sculptor Thomas Röthel under the title "Dialog" from the end of October 2022 to mid-May 2023. 

With the EOS.KUNST.RAUM, the owner family Langer 2017 has created an art project with annually changing exhibitions, in which art, EOS technology and building architecture are put into relation. The aim is to encourage EOS business partners, the local public in Krailling and the surrounding area and, above all, EOS employees to engage in a dialog with art and to create space for creative and fresh ideas.


"Art is allowed to come and also to go. The gap that is created is just as important as the artwork itself." And they continue: "An almost three-year exhibition break was not planned - the pandemic forced us to take it. We are even more pleased that new art is now moving in with us at the Krailling site. It's the same with art as it is with business. Challenging times allow us to recognize opportunities. And so, also with regard to art, we have used the time to develop this dialogic exhibition concept."
Hella und Dr. Hans J. Langer agree with the curator Theo Schneider

The dialog is very diverse in this year's exhibition. It is the dialog between two art forms - photography and sculpture - and at the same time characterized by different personalities and biographies.

On the one hand, EOS presents the two photo and video artists Maria and Anna Ritsch, who have brought an extraordinary artistic idea to life under the title "dissolving forms".

Living in Vienna and New York, Anna and Maria Ritsch have been pursuing their artistic practice as the Ritsch Sisters since 2020.

With their special photographic eye, they look at parts built by 3D printing, e.g., from aerospace or medical technology.

In an artistic process of alienation, the highly complex parts make their way to a dissolved form or show up as a blurred section.

Maria Ritsch, photo artist with her art
Maria Ritsch, photo artist with Ritsch Sisters - Photo credit: EOS

At the same time, EOS was able to win over the sculptor Thomas Röthel from Ansbach. Coming from wood sculpture, he has been developing massive steel sculptures since 1995.

Working with the material, which is also used in 3D printing, requires thinking in terms of the material, i.e., dealing with the possibilities it offers the artist.

Thus, it fits in with EOS technology, which, true to the motto "think the unthinkable" enables entirely new forms and applications.

The artist's weighty and expansive figures achieve an impressive weightlessness.

Thomas Röthel, sculptor with his sculpture
Thomas Röthel, sculptor - Photo credit: EOS

About the artists & EOS


Anna and Maria Ritsch
Anna and Maria Ritsch are sisters who work individually in the field of photography. All artistic practice takes place as a duo as the Ritsch Sisters. Their focus is on photography and video, exploring the tensions between the physical, spatial, and emotional. The duo collaborates internationally, with Maria residing in Vienna and Anna in New York City.

Thomas Röthel was born in Ansbach in 1969, where he still lives and works. He first trained as a wood sculptor beginning in 1986 and then studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg with Prof. Hölzinger beginning in 1992. Between 1991 and 1994 he developed concepts for squares and architectural projects, from 1995 he also developed steel sculptures and has been working as a freelance artist since 1998. Röthel has held numerous exhibitions in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland since 2004.


EOS provides responsible manufacturing solutions via industrial 3D printing technology to manufacturers around the world. Connecting high quality production efficiency with its pioneering innovation and sustainable practices, the independent company formed in 1989 will shape the future of manufacturing. Powered by its platform-driven digital value network of machines and a holistic portfolio of services, materials and processes, EOS is deeply committed to fulfilling its customers’ needs and acting responsibly for our planet.  


Source: EOS