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    Technology Partners
    Additional Offers for Your 3D Printed Application

Partnerships With Selected Technology Leaders, Who Develop and Offer Products That Complement Additive Manufacturing.

Additive Works is a Bremen-based software company founded in 2015 that develops user-friendly software solutions for the simulation-assisted preparation of additive manufacturing processes. Its mission focuses on developing the laser beam melting technique into a single-click process by integrating new technologies into the process chain. The company's core product “Amphyon” offers modular solutions to determine optimal part orientation, automatically generate optimized support structures, simulate the build process, and exploit simulation results to create 3D models that compensate for any part distortion arising during the process. This allows the costs of industrial 3D printing of metal parts to be massively reduced by avoiding non-viable builds and cutting down the time spent on manual process preparation.

Additive Works GmbH

Leher Heerstr. 173B
28357 Bremen

Tel.  +49 421 33 100 120

BESTinCLASS SA, founded in Switzerland in 1995, developed the Micro-Machining Process (MMP), a patented precision method for surface treatment. MMP can differentiate between primary and secondary levels of roughness and microtopographies very precisely, and process them accordingly. With its dedicated machining centers, BESTinCLASS is ideally equipped to offer manufacturers customized solutions for surface treatment that meet their requirements. A key advantage of MMP is the repeatability of precise surface treatment solutions per industry standards. Based in Genolier near Geneva, the company has 32 employees.


Chemin de la Caisserie 4
1272 Genolier

Laurent Cataldo (CEO)
Tel. +41 22 994 40 50

The Munich-based DyeMansion was founded in 2013 and offers industrial solutions for surface finishing and dyeing of additively manufactured plastic parts. The print-to-product workflow developed by DyeMansion covers every step of the finishing process, from the raw part to the finished product. Alongside the world’s first automated dyeing system DyeMansion DM60, its product portfolio includes two other systems for the industrial post-processing of laser-sintered plastic parts. DyeMansion also offers a dyeing service.

DyeMansion GmbH

Robert-Koch-Straße 1
82152 Planegg-München

Tel. +49 89 414170500

From the design stage to fully automated solutions, Extrude Hone supports its customers with edge blending, shaping, and fine-flow tuning surface solutions based on mature processes and state-of-the-art finishing technologies. Its newest division, Extrude Hone Additive, was launched in April 2018 to support customers with the development, building and final production of additively manufactured parts that require finishing processes. Extrude Hone serves customers in many market segments, including the automotive, aviation, heavy industry, medical and engineering sectors. The company offers its customers access to AFM (Abrasive Flow Machining), ECM (Electrochemical Machining), ECM Dynamic, PECM (Precise Electrochemical Machining), COOLPULSE and TEM (Thermal Energy Method) and always stands ready to assist during feasibility testing and demonstrations.

Extrude Hone GmbH

Bgm.-Merk-Straße 1
87752 Holzgünz

Tel. +49 8393 9434 0
Fax +49 8393 9434 500

Materialise was founded in 1990 and is now the world’s leading provider of software solutions for rapid manufacturing. Materialise currently has six plastic laser sintering systems. The company's role as an EOS partner is to develop software to enable and optimize innovative applications of industrial 3D printing. This includes creating STL files, preparing build orders, optimizing designs, and even reverse engineering.


Technologielaan 15
3001 Leuven

Bart Van der Schueren
Tel. +32 16 39 66-11
Fax +32 16 39 66-00

Since 1873, Ossberger has been concerned about the world's development and what can be done to make it a good one. From the earliest days, our focus had been on innovative and environmentally friendly technologies in the field of engineering. This has made Ossberger what it is today: a strong, modern and development oriented family-owned company. With its three business units Hydropower Technology, Plastics Technology and Surface Technology it contributes to improving the quality of life all over the world.  


Otto-Rieder-Str. 5–11
91781 Weißenburg i. Bay.

Tel: +49 (0) 9141 977-0

Ossberger unpacking & de-powdering of 3d-printed parts