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    EOS P 396

    Modular and Highly Productive 3D Printing System
    With an Extensive Portfolio of Materials


Build rate of 3 l/h with a packing density of 5%


Widest portfolio of materials on the market


Most homogeneous part properties throughout the entire build volume

Diversity of Materials

With the currently available selection of 14 plastic materials and 22 material and layer thickness combinations, a wide variety of applications can be realized. In addition, the EOS ParameterEditor can be used to define custom exposure parameters based on proven starting values.


The precise layering system with an exchangeable blade applies the material quickly and accurately, guaranteeing excellent part quality.


The powerful 70 W laser, optimized temperature management and improved layering speed significantly reduce the build time and hence the part costs.

Further development of the predecessor model

Laser power
increased by 25 %
Energy consumption
reduced by 38 %
Production non-productive times
reduced by 60 %

Technical Data

EOS P 396

Download Factsheet | pdf | 167,9 KB
Construction Volume 340 x 340 x 600 mm (13.4 x 13.4 x 23.6 in)
Laser Type CO₂, 70 W
Precision Optics F-theta lens, high-speed scanner
Scan Speed up to 6 m/s (19.7 ft/s)
Power Supply 400 V / 32 A, max. power supply 16 A
Power Consumption typical 2.1 kW; maximum 10 kW
Machine Dimensions (W x D x H) 1,840 x 1,175 x 2,100 mm (72.4 x 46.3 x 82.7 in)
Recommended Installation Space ca. 4.3 x 3.9 x 3.0 m (169.3 x 153.5 x 118.1 in)
Weight ca. 1,060 kg (2,337 lb)
Software PSW 3.8, EOSAME, EOS ParameterEditor, EOS RP Tools, EOSTATE Everywhere

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Christian Wagmann
Product Line Manager Polymer Systems

53_individual_production Polymer Materials for the EOS P 396

EOS has exceptional materials expertise and a comprehensive portfolio of highly developed plastic and polymer materials for additive manufacturing. Our materials, systems and process parameters fit together optimally. With the right materials, you can realize the target property profiles in the best possible way for your products. 

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