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    EOS Sustainability

    Recycling of Used Powder
    Our Disposal Program for Used Powder Material

The Advantages of the Recycling Program  for EOS Customers


  • Save disposal costs
  • Avoid waste, like using powder with quality too low for 3D printing for other applications after being processed by KaJo Plastic
  • Support social projects: for every kilogram of used powder, KaJo Plastic pays 65 cents into the EOS Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) account to finance social projects
  • Your participation can count toward your own environmental management strategy (ISO 14001, EMAS, etc.)

Take Part and Have a Positive Impact! Recycling EOS Powder Materials Helps to Support Social Projects and Saves Disposal Costs

In collaboration with KaJo Plastic, EOS has established a closed recovery circuit to recycle used plastic materials. Customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland can participate in the program by signing up. KaJo Plastic organizes the collection of used powder after you separate it. EOS acts as an intermediary between the recycling company and the customer, assuming the transportation costs.

Success of the recycling program:
In 2018, almost 16 tons of used powder were recycled in this way.
This generated just under EUR 10,000 for projects promoting education for children
and adolescents, improving public health
and protecting the environment.

We would like to thank all of our customers
who made this possible with their support!