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    Polymer Additive Manufacturing

    Industrial 3D Printer for Plastic
    Reliable & High-Quality Parts, Produced without Auxiliary Materials

EOS Additive Manufacturing Systems for Polymers

The EOS additive manufacturing (AM) systems for plastics use the selective laser sintering (SLS) technique. In this process a laser works as the power source to sinter powdered material. Our SLS printers enable the cost-efficient and high-performance production of high-quality parts from plastics.

Whether you need a compact system to get started quickly and cost-efficiently, or a modular and digitally networked 3D printing platform for series production on industrial scales, we offer additive plastic production systems tailored to your individual requirements. 

The Right Build Volumes and Laser Powers for Your Production

A practical and comprehensive guided tour through the different types of our SLS 3D printers

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