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3D Printing Software for Industry 4.0 Fully Integrating of Additive Manufacturing into Production

Production monitoring and automation software for additive manufacturing processes.
Industry 4.0 means fully integrating industrial 3D printing into production to make production processes more flexible and efficient. With EOSCONNECT, you can take advantage of all your machine and production data in real time.


Unbeatable Networking and Flexibility. EOSCONNECT helps you to achieve your productivity and quality goals.


We offer an open interface that supports integration with intelligent EOS apps, as well as third-party applications, to increase productivity. In this way, we lay the foundations to integrate additive manufacturing effectively into industrial production environments. 

What EOSCONNECT Has to Offer Advantages at a Glance

Simple and flexible integration of 3D printing systems into existing IT environments


Easy IT Integration

Connection to MES and ERP Systems
Precise insights into productivity to gain competitive advantages 


Process Optimization

Increased Productivity
Automatically generated reports, e.g. for quality assurance 


Automated Quality Assurance 

Tracking of Relevant Data
Exploit system, sensor and production data in IIoT applications


Industry 4.0 

Future-Proof Production

EOSCONNECT is a Door-Opener for Industrial Additive Manufacturing

EOS additive manufacturing systems can be seamlessly connected to MES or ERP solutions on site, but they can also serve the digital marketplaces and IIoT platforms of the future.

Connectivity offers significant advantages, when it comes to increasing productivity: manufacturing data can be transferred to CAQ (Computer Aided Quality) systems – for example to facilitate reliable tracking. In some cases, this can be useful to validate production processes. At the same time, the users benefit from transparency by accessing and viewing production KPIs in real time. 

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EOSCONNECT is available for the following systems

EOSCONNECT Modules at a Glance


EOSCONNECT Core is the connectivity solution for production monitoring. EOS systems are IIoT-capable and can be integrated into existing IT infrastructure with EOSCONNECT Core. All EOSCONNECT products are based on this data port.


With EOSCONNECT MachinePark you can monitor your entire EOS shop floor from anywhere in just one app. No more Excel lists and walking long distances, system information is now easily accessible to your team to receive automatic notifications about machine status and print jobs.

EOSCONNECT ControlCenter

EOSCONNECT ControlCenter allows additive manufacturing units to be operated automatically, efficiently and transparently. This ensures a stable and repeatable process with predictable costs per part.

EOS Hub All EOS Apps and APIs Under One Hood

With the EOS Hub platform we present an on-premise server solution that is designed to make your EOS systems future-proof. The platform runs on the client server where your data will be safe, also accessible from anywhere depending on the configuration. EOS Hub is the base for all the intuitive EOS web apps, which can be accessed with all common mobile devices.

Get the best out of your EOS system
Enhance your productivity with EOSCONNECT.
Use the turnkey, EOS Apps, or use the gateways to integrate the systems into your existing MES, ERP and CAQ. Only a single gateway for all systems, that can now be easily integrated into your IT environment with the EOS Hub as the central network endpoint. This makes network configuration easier for you and EOS Service provides support for installation and operation.
EOS Hub is constantly expanding with new apps from all EOS Software families like quality assurance and data preparation – a good basis for the digital factories of the future.


Data Gateway to the EOS System

EOSCONNECT Core is the connectivity solution for monitoring production. EOS systems are IIoT-capable and can be integrated into existing IT infrastructure via EOSCONNECT Core.

It can be easily integrated into your production control and planning – for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Your Advantages at a Glance


Open Interface via OPC UA, MQTT and Web API
Flexible and robust connectivity based on industry standards


Gain insights on productivity
Measure utilization of EOS systems


Enables traceability of quality relevant data
Fulfil regulatory requirements


Flexible and easy enterprise IT integration
See live status of EOS systems in an MES


Gain competitive advantage 
Acquire greater process insight and optimization potential by using IIoT platforms to collect data


Insights ‒ In Realtime ‒ From Anywhere

EOSCONNECT MachinePark displays all your EOS additive manufacturing systems in one intuitive dashboard. This will facilitate comprehensive and user-friendly monitoring. Once installed, your team can access the app platform via web browser and use the same data. EOSCONNECT MachinePark helps you to increase machine utilization and lets you discover productivity potentials, all based on a solid database.

Your Advantages at a Glance


Intuitive web interface
Machine data are transparently available


Full transparency for everyone in your team
No more manually synchronizing Excel data and different information levels


Good overview
Sensor data, production and completion status can be viewed at all times


Access from anywhere
At work, in a meeting or on the go - the app gives flexible access to data



Quick reactions thanks to automatic notifications
Fewer errors and less downtime, less waste 


Increase in machine utilization
Use your data and discover productivity potentials 

EOSCONNECT ControlCenter

The Solution for Shared Modules

The EOSCONNECT ControlCenter software gives users access to all the key figures about the system status, parts, and peripheral modules, regardless of their location. This ensures end-to-end traceability of parts, jobs, and frames, which allows both data and parts to flow freely in additive manufacturing.

Shared modules are a peripheral solution for integrated and efficient additive manufacturing with systems from the EOS M 400 series. The various modules, transport logistics and control center software mean that any setting-up, unpacking, conveying and sieving can be performed independently of and in parallel to the 3D printing process.

This solution will be available mid 2021 as an EOS app.

Your Advantages at a Glance

More productivity
Automated order processing and system control for the entire AM unit


Track & trace
All parts, processes and sensor data are gathered together in one place


Reliable quality assurance
Automatic reports provide quick and comprehensive control


Stable workflows, fewer mistakes
A consistent and repeatable process ensures predictable costs per part

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