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    3D Printing Software EOSPRINT 2

    Data Preparation & Process Management
    for Additive Manufacturing (AM)

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EOSPRINT 2 Data Optimization and Process Management

With the 3D printing software EOSPRINT 2, you can make your first steps in additve manufacturing as efficient as possible. The flexible software allows you to assign and optimize process parameters for industrial 3D printing on EOS additive manufacturing machines. It calculates the exact path of the laser in the production process to optimize factors such as the build speed and surface quality. 

In combination with data preparation programs like SIEMENS NX or Materialise Magics, EOSPRINT 2 is an excellent “AM-CAM” development environment for engineers.

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EOSPRINT 2 An Intuitive, Open and Productive Solution

The latest version of EOSPRINT 2 is characterized by its intuitive usability, which facilitates even faster preparation and processing of 3D printing data. The software is designed to be both open and secure, ensuring that exchanges with other systems unfold smoothly. With its extensive and easy-to-use functions, EOSPRINT 2 is especially productive in data preparation and process development.  

Your Advantages


Easy to learn and intuitive to use


Makes additive manufacturing more productive and can reduce the cost of parts


Enables very complex parts to be manufactured


Optimized process parameters, adapted to your system. Optional developer plug-in EOSPRINT Premium Module for independent editing of process parameters

Customer Opinions About EOSPRINT 2
We reduce data preparation time by 50 percent with EOSPRINT 2.
Benedikt Schlund
Project Leader|toolcraft
Thanks to plane segmentation and new exposure strategies, we are able to produce faster than ever before and with the required quality. In the future, we will significantly improve our productivity, cost effectiveness and general feasibility.
Matthias Herker
Application Engineer for Additive Manufacturing|AUDI AG
The new user interface is much clearer and intuitive following the additive manufacturing workflow.
Samuel Blower
Development Engineer|Materials Solutions Ltd.

Innovative Power for Production With EOSPRINT Customer Reference Audi

What Can the Software Do? EOSPRINT 2 at a Glance

Excellent usability

EOSPRINT 2 enables a workflow that aligns consistently with production. The software is intelligently designed and easy-to-understand operating concept has received two awards. For its user interface, EOS won the Red Dot Design Award and the IF Design Award.

Full flexibility thanks to an open development environment

EOSPRINT 2 is not proprietary software and offers extensive options for developers. The EOSPRINT Software Development Kit is a powerful and open development environment with a very well-documented interface (API), guaranteeing simple automation and control of build jobs, as well as straightforward integration into existing software environments.

Quick Processing of CAD Data


Rapid Preparation of Test Series


Lots of Freedom around Process Parameters


Very Flexible Segmentation


Automatic Collision Detection

By assigning exposure strategies and slicing, you can convert CAD geometries into the layering data needed for the 3D printing process – a prerequisite for the perfect AM build process.
File Import EOSPRINT 2 | © EOS
With the special tool for automated test series, the preparation times of test series with different process parameters are enormously reduced – a huge gain in efficiency for process developers.
Placement EOSPRINT 2 | © EOS
EOSPRINT 2 works with preconfigured EOS process parameters (material sets) that have been precisely optimized for your system. You can rely on our know-how from 30 years of process development for perfect results.
For developers who want even more freedom for application-specific optimization, EOSPRINT Premium Module is available as an additional plug-in. This allows you to edit and optimize the process parameters intuitively.
EOSPRINT 2 supports splitting to build segments with different exposure requirements – this allows you to build parts with multiple complex areas and even downward-facing surfaces more quickly.
Segmentation EOSPRINT 2 | © EOS
This function improves the visibility of colliding components in the build space of the 3D printer – avoiding errors before they happen.
Collision Control EOSPRINT 2 | © EOS
Brochure EOSPRINT 2 | © EOS
EOSPRINT 2 at a Glance
Maximum Flexibility  for Your Manufacturing Environment

EOSPRINT 2 can be easily integrated into CAD/CAM and simulation environments, manufacturing execution and PLM systems and fully automated manufacturing processes – Industry 4.0. The software is designed to run very efficiently alongside other EOS software and other additive manufacturing software systems commonly used in the industry.

Get to know EOSPRINT 2! We would be happy to support you!

Do you want to get started right away, develop your own parameters or benefit from any of the other advantages of EOSPRINT 2 as quickly and fully as possible? We can provide training and advice that enables you to adapt the software to perfectly match your company’s needs.

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