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    EOSTATE Software Releases
    for Production with Additive Manufacturing

EOSTATE Monitoring

Welcome to the overview of software releases for the EOSTATE products. Below you will find the highlights and most significant new features.

Please note that this is not the full feature set. For the Release Notes with many more details please visit myEOS.

Software Edition 11.2022


We are proud to announce our collaboration with ZEISS on the launch of ZEISS AM in-process, a cutting-edge powder bed monitoring solution. Specifically designed for the EOS M 290, this machine learning-powered solution utilizes a high-end camera with 4-sided lighting to detect 8 different powder bed defects. With ZEISS AM in-process, users can be alerted to powder bed defects, export data for compliance purposes, and trigger recoating to save the build in case of powder shortfeeding.

Overview on defects which are possible to detect by the algorithm.


User friendly interface with layer images and color-coded defects.


Core features:
  • Robust image acquisition through angular illumination and image pre-processing
  • Reliable revealing of features in powder bed through combination of different illumination directions
  • Reflectivity properties of stripe direction neglected by combining different illumination directions
  • Robust analysis for closed loop – recoating is triggered in case missing powder is detected
  • Defect types differentiated by pre-trained machine learning algorithm
  • No parametrization for materials or processed necessary – solution works out of the box
  • Tools for data analysis to evaluate results fast and convenient


Software Edition 05.2022

EOSTATE Exposure OT 1.9, EOSTATE MeltPool 2.6 & EOSTATE PowderBed 2.3

  • Now there is a text box in the layer slider that allows going directly to a certain layer number.

  • The file names of the exported images are now the same regardless of whether the export tool or the “right-click” in the viewport channel has been used.
  • The calculation of the layer information on the Monitoring IPC, which is the basis for the images analysis, is now also performed during the laser exposure. This improves the overall robustness of the system. (Does not apply for EOSTATE PowderBed)

Software Edition 11.2021

EOSTATE Exposure OT 1.8, EOSTATE MeltPool 2.5 & EOSTATE PowderBed 2.2

  • The monitoring data (images, part statistics and indications) can now be accessed via the Web API of EOSCONNECT Core. (Does not apply for EOSTATE PowderBed)
  • It is now possible to additionally export the images as *.tiff images with 32-bit. (Does not apply for EOSTATE PowderBed)

  • The size of the stored images has been reduced by up to 30 % (dependent of the job layout) by rounding grey value of each pixel to whole numbers. This significantly improves job handling, e.g. the import and export of jobs and also reduces the required disc space.
  • The EOSTATE Exposure OT images, the part statistics and the indications can now also be exported via the export tool. This allows the export of all the job data of one or several jobs as well as the export of the whole job file. (Does not apply for EOSTATE PowderBed)
  • It is now possible to multi-select several jobs and then export, import or delete them all at once. The progress is shown in the status bar and matching notifications can be found in the event log of the client.
  • The images, the part statistics and the indications can now also be exported via the export tool. This allows the export of all the job data of one or several jobs as well as the export of the whole job filem. (Applies only for EOSTATE MeltPool)
  • The automatic export tool and the raw data export tool have been combined and all the settings are now available in one tool in the support role. In addition, it is now possible to set the automatic export settings in the remote use case. (Applies only for EOSTATE MeltPool)

Software Edition 05.2021

EOSTATE Exposure OT 1.7, EOSTATE MeltPool 2.4 & EOSTATE PowderBed 2.1

  • It is now possible to install the Client software in parallel to prior software versions. The Client of Edition 05.21 can now be installed in parallel to the Client of Edition 11.20.
  • Analysis Preview: The analysis profile management now also displays one layer next to the algorithm parameters including the indication overlay of the algorithm result for this layer. (Does not apply for EOSTATE PowderBed)

  • MPM raw data: it is possible to export MPM raw data in addition to the image acquisition. The raw data (target position in x/y, photodiode signal and the laser modulation) can now be automatically exported to a network attached storage after each layer. (Does not apply for EOSTATE PowderBed)
  • It is no longer necessary to install a separate video codec to use the video export. The videos can now be exported either in the file format *.mp4 or *.wmv. (Applies only for EOSTATE PowderBed)

Software Edition 11.2020

EOSTATE Exposure OT 1.6, EOSTATE MeltPool 2.3 & EOSTATE PowderBed 2.0

  • The Client gives you the possibility to check events that occurred during, before and after the build job. These events include e.g. frame losses, a hard shutdown of the IPC due to a defect UPS (for EOS M 300-4 and EOS M 400-4), exceeding the storage capacity and many more. The most important events are shown as pop-ups at the display at the machine. (Does not apply for EOSTATE PowderBed)

  • There are new calibration jobs available for the EOS M 300-4. These were necessary to ensure compatibility with the EOSPRINT of Edition 11.20. (Does not apply for EOSTATE PowderBed)
  • The maintenance script includes additional repair functionalities, which leads to the database system being more robust.
  • The user can now change the exposure time of images during a build job. (Applies only for EOSTATE PowderBed)
  • The user can now use the EOSTATE PowderBed Client to watch the build process chamber live using the EOSTATE PowderBed camera. (Applies only for EOSTATE PowderBed)
  • Images can be exported for (AfterRecoating and AfterExposure) as *.avi video with 30 fps. (Applies only for EOSTATE PowderBed)

Software Edition 05.2020

EOSTATE Exposure OT 1.5 & EOSTATE MeltPool 2.2

  • Image data is no longer stored in the database but directly on the file system. This leads to significant performance improvements, especially for job import, job export and for “maintenance”. In addition to that, storage space is released immediately after deleting a job in the Client, so that it is no longer required to run “maintenance” after job deletion.
  • The *.raw format images now have a file header, which includes an identifier, the version number, width, height and the data type (4 bytes each).

Software Edition 10.2019

EOSTATE Exposure OT 1.4 & EOSTATE MeltPool 2.1

  • EOS M 300-4 systems are now supported.
  • Using the client and the monitoring database for offline analysis on a local installation without connection to the machine is now supported.
  • The customer tools are now accessible via the Windows start menu and are installed as part of the client installation.
  • It is now possible to export the found indications in a *.csv format for further processing.