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    Unleash your Production 
    with AM-based Distributed Production

Production needs to become more digital, decentralized and flexible to adapt to ever changing market requirements and customer needs. Industrial 3D printing is the perfect choice to address this.

Krailling, November 10, 2020 – EOS, the world's leading technology supplier in the field of industrial 3D printing for metals and polymers, is one of the key enablers for the future of digitalized production. At the same time, AM allows for distributed production using a network of geographically dispersed, digitally connected facilities. Based on this, companies are more flexible and can address constantly changing market demand, establish a more resilient and transparent supply chain and increase their future viability. 

Industrial 3D printing enables a demand-driven, distributed production. As part of our factory planning, we support customers with the digitalization of their entire supply chain. Together we determine which steps are necessary to set up and commission a digital production facility, analyze production requirements, define necessary KPIs and assist with technology implementation.

Dr. Marius Lakomiec, Team Manager Digital AM Solutions at EOS

The benefits of an AM-enabled, distributed production are manifold for customers: Manufacturing can happen when and where it is needed. This flexible on-demand production avoids any pre-financing of products, minimum production quantities or over-production, as such enabling an efficient and low-risk approach. Warehousing costs can be reduced as well as logistics expenditure, which also contributes to responsible manufacturing, for example reducing product’s carbon footprint. 

Depending on company size and customer requirements, EOS has identified different scenarios for a distributed production on a global, local and system level.

Enabling a global, AM-based digital production

EOS AM solutions can be used to set up a globally connected production in-house or by taking advantage of a network of established AM contract manufacturers. Leveraging this flexible production approach, companies are profiting from a sustainable production that can address a scan-to-product or demand-oriented production, variant diversity and functional integration. Additionally, production can be balanced among sites and become more independent of single sources. 

We use the EOS technology to 3D print Tungsten. This is challenging, particularly when printing a high volume of complex parts with precise specifications. The customized EOS systems we use are designed for just this and they will allow us to ramp up production to meet the needs of CT manufacturers who are introducing new products.

Alexander Eitel, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Dunlee

Controlling machine park and production status in local facilities

EOSCONNECT MachinePark Apps help production supervisors to control their entire local machine park status. Thanks to a seamless integration into MES and ERP systems, AM systems allows for a one-stop access to sensor, monitoring and quality management data – anytime, anywhere. This enables insights on machine utilization to optimize job planning and streamline production.

For the efficient and reliable manufacturing of high-quality parts on an industrial scale, AM production supervisors rely on proven EOS systems processing metals or polymers. At the same time, tailored service offerings – from full range service contracts to co- and virtual maintenance maximize system uptime and sustainable success. 

We use the EOS P 500 system for prototype production and series applications where an extremely high repeatability and system availability is crucial for 1zu1. Parts 3D-printed on this system offer an excellent homogeneous part quality, as well as a dimensional accuracy very close to that of injection molded parts. Further advantages of the EOS P 500 are increased material savings and less time in post-processing compared to the additive manufacturing technology we have been using in the past. The very high system availability allows us to produce overnight and thus meet very short delivery dates.

Hannes Hämmerle, CEO at 1zu1

About EOS

EOS is the world's leading technology supplier in the field of industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers. Formed in 1989, the independent company is pioneer and innovator for comprehensive solutions in additive manufacturing. Its product portfolio of EOS systems, materials, and process parameters gives customers crucial competitive advantages in terms of product quality and the long-term economic sustainability of their manufacturing processes. Furthermore, EOS customers benefit from deep technical expertise in global service, applications engineering and consultancy.


Press Release formnext 2020
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Source: EOS


Claudia Rupp
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