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Our value-driven approach to sustaining our workforce & communities


We believe supporting the health and well-being of our employee family is as important to building a sustainable foundation as reducing our carbon footprint, creating a circular economy or maintaining corporate accountability. Broadening the scope of that family through diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is not only an ethical imperative but also a business driver, uncovering innovative talent from all backgrounds and walks of life.

At a societal level, we align our company's purpose with corporate citizenship efforts to promote educational opportunities for all and support the betterment of our communities in multiple ways.

Promoting health, wellness & development

EOS operates across a global network, and we want to achieve progress and enact positive change with a diverse, equitable and inclusive team. To this end, we maintain an active and preventive internal health management system that is available to all employees. Elements of this system include (but aren't limited to) ergonomic workplaces, intelligent room concepts, exercise resources and company-provided bicycles.

EOS also prioritizes open communication and continuous learning to support employees' personal and professional development. We facilitate this through ongoing, constructive feedback discussions and online training on subjects ranging from career management to environmental protection, human rights and labor law. Also, we carefully align roles and tasks to precisely match individual workers' skills.

Our commitment to DEI - We are ALL IN.

DEI is embedded in our annual and longer-term goals — this is of utmost importance to EOS CEO Marie Langer. As just one example, by 2033, we aim to have 50% women employed as EOS recruits and in management positions. 

But our DEI focus is all-encompassing: We're united in promoting a sense of belonging for people of all genders, ages, backgrounds and abilities. Our workforce constitutes 1,350 people in 15 countries, representing approximately 40 different nationalities.

Corporate citizenship

We know we have a social responsibility to add value for the communities we live and operate in as well as our stakeholders and customers. Building an equitable, inclusive and sustainable environment is integral to our corporate citizenship strategy and to shaping the future of additive manufacturing (AM).

As a result of nearly 35 years spent significantly advancing industrial 3D printing, we've amassed an unmatched wealth of experience and knowledge. With this in mind, we've strategically aligned our company purpose and skills with our corporate citizenship efforts, focusing on the fourth of the 17 goals in the UN's Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) framework: ensuring inclusive, equitable high-quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. 
In this vein, projects and initiatives we support include Teach First Germany (of which CEO Marie Langer is a former fellow), the Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering, MakerGirl Sponsorship, Family Learning Institute Sponsorship, College Forward Sponsorship and the Kettering University Design Challenge.


Community outreach

We encourage EOS employees to volunteer in community initiatives wherever they're located — as well as disaster relief efforts when such unfortunate circumstances arise. This change of pace from the typical EOS workday enables our staff to make meaningful community connections and do tangible good in the world.



The Langer family — and EOS as a whole — believe it's important to support the creative arts. This is the philosophy behind the EOS.KUNST.RAUM (EOS Art Space) exhibition series, hosted at our Krailling headquarters. Most recently on display between October 2022 and May 2023, the art exhibit showcased visually bold modern art and its parallels with EOS technology.



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Green Leaves


Using science-based targets as our baseline, we are steadily working toward reducing the EOS carbon footprint and increasing our use of renewable and sustainable resources.

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By going above and beyond our compliance benchmarks and holding all EOS employees to the highest standards, we mitigate risk and promote corporate responsibility.

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Responsible Products

EOS aims to create added value in the world through the development of sustainable products and promotion of Responsible Manufacturing practices.