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Outsource Production, Insource Success 

Looking for an additive manufacturing partner to produce 3D parts? Our Network can help! From rapid prototyping up to small series volumes, our EOS Contract Manufacturing Network connects you with leading AM production partners. Without the worry of manufacturing yourself, they can deliver high quality parts quickly and reliably. We start with 15 established partners using the latest EOS 3D printing technology. It's a easy way to get EOS quality 3D printed parts in EMEA.

Key Benefits

Industrial 3D printing outsourcing is easy!

Accurate and reliable 3D printing technology gives suppliers the flexibility to respond to market fluctuations, reduce time-to-market, meet unique requirements, obtain industry-specific certifications and access the latest additive manufacturing technologies.

  • Experienced and Evaluated AM partners

  • Latest and best-in-class EOS technology

  • Secure industrial quality standards

  • Reliable, flexible and niche specific

  • Cost reduction through outsourcing of manufacturing tasks

In our EOS Contract Manufacturing Network you will find a comprehensive network of EOS-certified 3D component suppliers in the EMEA region. These suppliers not only offer broad local market coverage, but also deliver high-quality, functional 3D printed plastic and metal parts. These are characterised by optimal mechanical properties and maximum precision. Leading AM production partners equipped with the latest EOS 3D printing technology: 

"We want our customers to be successful. When outsourcing their AM production to a partner from the Contract Manufacturing Network, small series customers will get the same EOS quality and industry expertise all our customers are used to."

Markus Glasser, Senior Vice President EMEA

Contract Manufacturing Partners
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MakerVerse Partnerhub
Are you looking for a different solution?
We work with the MakerVerse Partnerhub, the leading on-demand platform for industrial-grade 3D printed parts, as our fulfilment partner.

The MakerVerse partner hub provides instant quotes for your CADs and allows you to compare the printability of different materials and technologies. To meet your high industrial-grade quality standards, some EOS Contract Manufacturing Partners are carefully selected and regularly assessed. Your parts are printed exclusively by one of our partners on EOS printers. After production, all parts are inspected and shipped to the final destination by MakerVerse, our fulfilment partner, with competitive lead times. It's easy to get the parts you need with MakerVerse.
Automotive Gear - Hardening Steel
3D Printing Stories

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When 3D printing makes life better

3D Printing Stories - Protiq | Blog

The Berlin start-up LAEMON developed the first IoT-enabled jewelry bracelet with PROTIQ, a member of the EOS Contract Manufacturing Network. The evolution from prototype to material and color selection and on to realization of the first product batches was only economically viable thanks to additive manufacturing.

Contract Manufacturing Network Launch

Press Release

EOS, a leading supplier for responsible manufacturing solutions via industrial 3D printing technology, has today launched its new Contract Manufacturing Network. The network connects end customers with established AM production partners, so they can create high quality parts in a fast and reliable way.

EOS End-to-End Production Network

Piloting in the EMEA region the EOS End-to-End Production Network is designed to connect companies of all sizes in search for high quality serial additive manufacturing (AM) support with selected, certified EOS partners. To become a partner in this network, companies run through a certification process where the end-to-end capabilities are the key criteria. 

EOS Manufacturing Partner Overview

No matter at which stage of production - we have the right partner for you for every step. In Europe you can rely in our EOS Contract Manufacturing and our End-To-End Production Network. 

EOS Metal AM Solutions

EOS offers industrial 3D printing systems that can be flexibly integrated into existing production environments with a range of different build space sizes, laser power ratings and scalability. Start your metal 3D Printing journey with us today.

polymer powder

Growing with Polymer 3D Printing

While industrial 3D printing promises more flexibility and creative freedom than traditional manufacturing, understanding different materials and technologies can be a challenge. Discover your easy path into the limitless world of polymer 3D printing.