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3D Printing With Plastics What Makes EOS Polymer Technology Stand Out

With our 30 years of experience in 3D printing for industrial applications, we have perfected the method of powder bed additive manufacturing with plastics at EOS. We have mastered the interactions between 3D printing system, material and process for part production at industrial scales. Our technology lays the foundation for manufacturing results that meet a wide range of industrial requirements in terms of dimensional accuracy, surface quality, and stability.

With our extensive product portfolio for industrial 3D printing, you can benefit from integrated production solutions. Whether as a standalone or a supplement to your existing manufacturing environment, EOS' efficient and integrable solutions can be adapted to your individual production requirements.

EOS offers modular 3D printing solutions for the flexible and cost-efficient production of prototypes and end products – from small and medium series to the production of 3D-printed parts at industrial scales.
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Why Use EOS Technology for Plastic Additive Manufacturing?

With EOS’s established plastic manufacturing technology, you can produce your parts without binding agents. The melting process only requires material and energy. Compared to other 3D printing processes in the plastics sector, EOS technology can reduce your unit costs by up to 25% and enable you to manufacture the parts you want with 100% reproducibility.

We’d be happy to help you choose the right 3D printing solution for you.