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    Corporate Responsibility
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Sustainable Business Creating Added Value Through Sustainable,
Responsible and Efficient Corporate Strategy

Our additive manufacturing solutions have the potential to contribute significantly to a more sustainable society and economy. Putting this ambition of responsible development into practice is a cornerstone of our corporate strategy.

New global challenges, the growing awareness of sustainability, the expectations of our stakeholders and self-motivation are some of the factors that drive us. To accomplish our objective, we cooperate with our business partners to create added value together. This is demonstrated by diverse areas in which our customers use our products.

Patient-specific implants are one example from the medical industry where our partners have application opportunities with additive manufacturing systems provided by EOS to achieve substantial improvements in quality of life.

By exchanging knowledge and experience, engaging in honest cooperation with our customers enables us to create and shape the value of responsibility together. Our case studies serve as models for future business relationships.

I believe that it is possible to contribute positively to the environment both privately and professionally. I still see some potential for this at EOS, such as improved disposal plans for machines and materials, increased material efficiency, sustainability plans in the supply chain, and so on. I hope that EOS will continue to be socially committed, as it is very important to me to work for a company where the people count, not just the numbers measuring economic success.

Birgit Nünning | Quality System Manager | EOS

Responsibility Toward Resources Establishing Sustainable Processes to Protect the Environment

We strive to create non-wasteful and efficient processes in our company. For example, we draw 95 % of our energy from renewable sources, optimize our water consumption and work to raise employee awareness about handling raw materials in production and administration. We also ensure we predominantly use reusable resources and safe chemical substances, and we continuously work to optimize them.

It's our goal to reduce electricity and material consumption, as well as the quantity of waste, not only at our locations, but across the entire value chain of our company. Our suppliers and service providers are involved in this process to guarantee environmental standards as consistent as possible.

We offer a closed recycling program for EOS plastic materials. Our partner KaJo Plastic organizes the collection and processing of used powder for customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In 2018, just under 16 tons of used powder were recycled. This generated almost EUR 10,000 for projects promoting education for children and adolescents, improving public health and protecting the environment.

We live up to our ecological responsibility in our region by fostering biodiversity at our Krailing location. We planted bee colonies and installed nesting aids for birds, bats and insects. At the same time, we seek to reduce CO2 emissions from individual employee travel by promoting carpooling and offering a public transport subsidy.

We are Proud Member of the AMGTA

The Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA) is a global trade group created to promote the environmental benefits of additive manufacturing (AM). The AMGTA is a non-commercial, unaffiliated organization open to any additive manufacturer or industry stakeholder that meets certain criteria relating to sustainability of production or process.

Responsibility Toward Employees Making Decisions Together and
Actively Seeking Respectful Coexistence

Our EOS values – excellence, fairness, responsibility and togetherness – don’t just apply when working with our customers or making our products sustainable. They're just as crucial to the atmosphere and culture of our company.

We'll make suggested improvements happen by maintaining an open dialog and involving and supporting our employees, while enabling them to take action. For us, responsibility toward our employees also means providing a wide range of opportunities on topics such as mobility and health to allow everyone to choose what suits them best.

Corporate Social Responsibility Taking Responsibility for Social and Environmental Issues Beyond Our Business

As part of our corporate social responsibility activities, we are committed to social and ecological projects beyond the direct confines of our company.

We strive to make sustainable products, both for the environment and their applications. We also want to contribute to society as a general principle. That’s why we set ourselves the goal of taking responsibility for social, ecological and economic problems that don’t focus on our business but on supporting people who need help.

The budget reserved for this purpose is used for projects supported by EOS either monetarily or by providing our expertise, technology or human resources.

Our Current Social Commitments

Donation for Teach First Germany

Teach First Germany is a non-profit educational initiative with the aim of improving equal opportunities in education. To this end, university graduates work for two years at schools in "social hotspots" and support students, particularly in obtaining degrees and in their transition to the world of work. The idea came from the US organization Teach For America. Teach First Germany is part of the international network Teach for All.

Especially in the times of Corona, such a commitment to improved educational opportunities and more educational justice is of immense importance. EOS is therefore supporting this valuable initiative with a donation of EUR 10,000.

Improving people’s lives with EOS technology:

  • Additively manufactured orthoses for children with cerebral palsy
  • Knowledge transfer and financing of additively manufactured facial reconstruction implants for victims of violence
  • Provision of EOS materials to additively manufacture surgical aids and orthoses for children and elderly adults
  • Provide expertise to enable the additive manufacturing of biomechanical hand prostheses

Promoting access to and interest in technology for children:

  • Support for school-aged children in MINT subjects (mathematics, information technology, natural sciences, technology) in the form of a donation (FabLab Munich)
  • Financial support for international robotics camps for female students (Robotics Institute)