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    3D Printing of Jewelry & Watches

Additive Manufacturing of Premium Articles and Serial Products  From Gold and Other Precious Metals

Using CAD model data, 3D printers are used to build elegant jewelry articles layer by layer – without the process leaving any recognizable marks behind. The appearance of the finished products rivals artisanal blacksmithing in every regard. AM also allows the reduction in the cost of materials. By integrating empty spaces into the design, work pieces can be made more cost-efficiently and easily in a manner that saves resources. 

Designers benefit from great design freedom with a manufacturing process that eliminates shape limitations. Even complex structures such as twisted or interwoven individual parts are made in the highest quality. Additive manufacturing is tool-free – and therefore cost-efficient, whether for single pieces or custom series production. 

Designers do not need to be technology experts to benefit from AM: the data of a work piece designed in a CAD program is loaded into the manufacturing system and prepared for production with easy-to-use software. 
Success Story CPM
3D Printing for Jewelry Designers and Watchmakers

Venturing beyond the limits of conventional blacksmithing, additive manufacturing is now market-ready for gold work pieces. The driving force behind this new development was Cookson Precious Metals (CPM). 

Heavy investments in research and development paved the way for a new era of gold processing for designers and manufacturers. Production is more efficient, and limitations on the shape and structure are now a thing of the past. 

A New Dimension of Design

3D Printing With Gold

Cufflinks designed by Digital Forming, additivly manufactured in gold on an EOS Precious M 080 | © EOS

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Cufflinks designed by Digital Forming, additively manufactured in 18ct Yellowgold on an EOS Precious M 080 | © EOS

EOS hardware is a critical component of the project. Our collaboration enabled us to create a way for jewelry designers to break new ground – without any form of compromise. We were also able to reduce the required volume and hence the cost of raw materials. The bottom line is an environmentally friendly and creative service for jewelry designers.

David Fletcher | Head of Special Products | Cookson Precious Metals 

Looking for a Suitable AM Application  for Jewelry?

Our partner Cooksongold has extensive knowledge of applications and process parameters for 3D printing with gold. Cooksongold is a leading provider of precious metal products in Europe, supplying alloys, wires, sheets, tubes, coin blanks and cast grains made from gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Cooksongold is also a precious metal refiner that complies with the London Bullion Market Association’s “Good Delivery” production standard and holds the Fair Trade Gold Label.


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Our partners Cooksongold also perform contract manufacturing work. See for yourself the possibilities of this technology for custom jewelry pieces from the 3D printer.