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    Additive Manufacturing With Foams
    Digital Foam for 3D Printing

    Highly Flexible Polymer Materials for More Flexible Mass Production

A Complete Process Chain From a Single Source for Additive Manufacturing With Foams

Foam has found its way into 3D printing: this flexible material can be used to manufacture more comfortable, safer and lighter products that can be individually customized.

Made from highly flexible polymer materials such as TPU or PA 11, Digital Foam allows you to precisely adjust each and every voxel (volume pixel). This way, you can manufacture products that are more comfortable, safer, lighter, and more customizable. 

What Exactly Is “Digital Foam”?

The EOS Digital Foam Program

The Digital Foam program by EOS accelerates the development and production of 3D-printed foams for applications like helmets and soles. This solution, designed by EOS, combines product design (CAD), materials, part qualification, and 3D printing (additive manufacturing). The program brings these variables together harmoniously to allow new ideas to be implemented more quickly. Instead of having to find solutions for individual elements of the process chain, Digital Foam enables companies to produce additively manufactured helmets, customized orthopedic aids and high-performance shoes, as well as many other products, more quickly. 

Applications of Additive Foams Shoe Soles From the 3D Printer

The Digital Foam process chain begins with engineering software. The New York-based company nTopology helps you to simplify the design, analysis and with the preparation processes. Digital Foam is already being used by Aetrex, a leading manufacturer of foot scanners, orthopedic aids, and comfort footwear. In collaboration with EOS, Aetrex uses the Digital Foam approach to analyze the feet of its customers by scanner, identify pressure points and manufacture custom-designed insoles with the 3D printing process. The result is a lightweight and cost-efficient orthopedic product, manufactured in a flexible mass production environment, and perfectly tailored to the customer’s foot.

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