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    Metal 3D Printing Without Supports
    What’s Possible?

“Support-Free Building” in 3D Printing Cutting Costs by Reducing Post-Processing, Build Time, & Material Consumption

When 3D printing with metals, parts typically require support structures, which are subject to production tolerances. These supports are created directly within the design data and manufactured additively together with the part.

This step is required to protect the parts against deformation during the build and to effectively conduct away the heat from the molten pool in overhanging areas. Once the part is finished, the support structures are removed either manually or automatically.

Building parts without any supports, or at least minimizing the number of supports, improves post-processing but also improves the build time and material consumption, this saves costs.
Our experts at Additive Minds have tackled the question of how such a process might work and what challenges it would entail.



Initial Results Unpacking Support-Free Parts Directly From the Powder Bed

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