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    Industrial 3D Printing

    Be Competitive With
    Additive Manufacturing

    In Terms of Cost, Innovation and Adaptability

What Counts for Manufacturing Organizations?

While always keeping an eye on costs, manufacturers need to convince their customers by improving the customizability of new products. At the same time, they need to adapt quickly to market fluctuations to survive into the future. Additive manufacturing, also known as industrial 3D printing, is an extra business strategy that can help to tackle these challenges.

Combining additive manufacturing with traditional manufacturing can solve many of the market’s demands.
Even in the future, some parts will still require conventional technologies to manufacture millions of units. At the same time, modern manufacturers need to handle more than just large production series. There are multiple challenges:


How can customized parts be manufactured at optimal cost? How does this fit with series production?


How do you prevent the costs of manufacturing and storing spare parts from soaring?


How can you accelerate product development and prototyping to stay competitive?


How can you imagine completely new products, beyond tools or wax patterns?

Industrial 3D printing is the answer to these and other production optimization questions. Whether as an integrated solution built into existing manufacturing infrastructure or a first venture into rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing helps to save costs, promote innovation and prepare businesses for the future.
We've been using EOS technology for more than eight years with exclusively positive results. When applied correctly, the design flexibility offers significant benefits that can give our customers advantages unrivaled in the marketplace.
Hannes Kuhn
ZF group strongly pushes 3D printing because it's beneficial for the future. We can save money and accelerate product development by using additive manufacturing.
Karel Löffelmann
With laser sintering we can inexpensively produce, explore and further develop multiple iterations of a part. Traditional plastics processes would be far too expensive and time consuming in this case.
Tharwat Fouad
Anubis Manufacturing Consultants Corporation

The Advantages at a Glance How Industrial 3D Printing Scores Points

Less material use, reduced energy consumption: lightweight components
Lightweight designs are becoming increasingly attractive across a variety of sectors, as reduced material usage lowers the costs per part and lighter parts decrease the weight and therefore often the energy consumption of their applications.

Experience innovation: complex and bionic structures
Extremely complex geometries, organic surface structures, cavities and undercuts: with 3D printing technology, products can be completely reimagined and a range of diverse structures can be integrated into the same part. 

Reduce assembly costs, better use of space: functional integration
Industrial 3D printing allows you to manufacture highly complex structures that are both lightweight and stable at the same time. Intelligent functional integration can drastically reduce the number of parts, make better use of the available space and significantly reduce assembly costs.

Production on demand: individual products, spare parts and much more
No tools, no molds – industrial 3D printing offers customization opportunities for needs-based production by simply adapting the CAD data. Medium series production at volumes of up to 100,000/month are also easily achievable.

3D Printing in Practice Concrete Application Examples



Production & Industry

98_Turbo Machinery_1



Automotive & Mobility


Lifestyle & Consumer Goods

104_Sports, Lifestyle & Consumer Goods_1
Additive manufacturing allows you to manufacture intelligent and lightweight structures with high strength and 40 to 60 % less weight. In this way, industrial 3D printing reduces material consumption, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
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98_Turbo Machinery_1
In production environments, industrial 3D printing enables solutions for highly complex requirements, many of which were previously unfeasible, including parts for turbines, heat exchangers and repair processes.
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Stator segments for compressors built in EOS NickelAlloy IN718, DMLS, 3D printing, laser
Products designed for medical applications need to fit the patient perfectly. Our 3D printing systems offer solutions for optimal and rapid care – whether in orthopedics, dentistry or prosthetics.
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Mecuris prosthetic foot, individual adapted for the patient, 3D printing, EOS
Tool-free manufacturing with 3D printing produces parts with integrated functionality, meaning reduced development and production costs. Customized series production enables parts specifically tailored to customer requirements.
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Customized blinker inlays built on EOS P 396 using PA 1101 | © EOS
104_Sports, Lifestyle & Consumer Goods_1
3D printing and additive manufacturing open a new universe of possibilities for designers and engineers. Users can make almost any conceivable shape into real products cost-efficiently, flexibly and quickly, with minimal material consumption.
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EOS shoe sole from PrimePart St, 3D printing, powder, laser | © EOS

We Support Our Customers Throughout Their Entire Journey – from Entry Into Additive Manufacturing to Factories Ready for Series Production

EOS is the right partner for manufacturing companies. Our systems are robust and reliable, and they consistently deliver results even in the most demanding product environments. We offer industry- and customer-specific solutions for complex challenges in industrial 3D printing. The components of our modularly structured portfolio of solutions are optimally coordinated with one another and can be combined according to your requirements. We help companies from a wide range of industries exploit the potential of 3D printing in the best possible way. We do this in the medical, aerospace and tooling sectors and the industry, for lifestyle products and in the automotive sector.


We also support you with your 3D printing project!

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